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Title I Part A PEIMS and SC5000 Data Reconciliation

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  • Note: For accuracy, requires a reload of PEIMS summer files if haven’t loaded since 6/22/2022.

This report will list all Title I code counts (6, 7, 8, 9, A) by campus. If both non-Title I and Title I school-wide codes are reported at the same campus, drill down on the Title I code count to identify the particular student(s).

Students coded in error will need to be updated in the Student Information System source.

  • For example, a student transfers from a school-wide Title I campus to a non-Title I campus during the school year. While the student is enrolled at the non-Title I campus, the school-wide Title I services code (6) should not be reported if the student is not receiving services on that campus.
Updated on 07/05/2022

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