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Total Days Absent Student Counts by Campus

Summary: This report displays by campus a selected range of Total Days Absent columns with a student count for each number of Total Days Absent in that range. It also gives a percentage of the campus totals for that range compared to the snapshot enrollment.

Usage: Use this report to review high ranges of absences, who is falling in those ranges, and how those ranges might be impacting your percentage of attendance.

Special Note:

  • Students with a sum of total days absent having a .5 are rounded up to the next whole value. For example, 9.5 is rounded to 10; 10.5 is rounded to 11; etc.
  • Students will only be displayed in one campus’ row based on the summer enrollment campus. If the student has absences at multiple campuses, the Total Days Absent sums all of those totals together and places them in the appropriate Total Days Absent column.

Data Source(s): PEIMS Summer records

  • Interchange Student Enrollment
    • 40110-Student School Association Extension
  • Interchange Student Attendance
    • 42400-Basic Reporting Period Attendance Extension


  • Use the slider to pull a specific range of Total Days Absent (E0036)
  • Students’ total days absences are summed across all campuses and put in the campus column stored in the 40110 StudentSchoolAssociationExtension Campus ID field.
  • Total Days Absent columns = Count of students who have that value for their total days absences
  • Campus Totals = Sum of student counts in the row based on Total Days Absent range selected (Default 10-20)
  • Snapshot Enrollment = Fall Snapshot Count


  • Percentage = Campus Total / Snapshot Enrollment


  • Total Days Absent slider (Default 10-20)
  • Multi select Campus (Default All Campuses)
    • Based on Summer Enrollment Campus
    • School Levels included
  • Single select Year (Default most recent summer PEIMS year)
  • Use drill downs to see a detailed student list including the summer enrolled campus, the attendance campus (to see if student has attended multiple campuses) and Total Days Absent across all campuses the student has attended. Note: half days (.5) will display here.
Updated on 07/25/2023

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