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Total Staff and Total Student By School Year

Report Location: Finance > Finance Custom Reports > Financial Well Being Reports > Total Staff and Total Student By School Years

Summary: Displays total staff count and total students across years.

Usage: Review for accuracy. Compare student growth or decline to staff growth or decline.

Data Sources: Fall PEIMS submission.


  • Total Fall Student Membership count : ADA Codes E0787 1-9 (Excludes students coded 0 – enrolled, not in membership) (Code Table C059)
  • Staff FTE (Full Time Equivalency) = PEIMS 060 Staff Employment Payroll Record where Fund Code E0316 in Code Table C145 is NOT a Shared Services Arrangement.
    • SSA fund codes excluded are:
      • 291 – 379 (Federally Funded SSAs)
      • 431-459 (State or Locally Funded SSAs)

Special Note: An employee who has a payroll shared services arrangement fund code is not included in the Total Staff FTE calculation

Hover over chart to display counts, matching the table below Click on the Students or Staff key icons to remove or replace the data on the graph.

Updated on 08/16/2022

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