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Why are my CTE FTEs not populating?

OnDataSuite (ODS) accepts current year Preliminary Summer PEIMS files throughout the school year (beginning in late August/early September each school year).

A common question is related to LEAs who have loaded a preliminary Summer PEIMS file, and yet do not see CTE FTE tiers populating for the current year.

Check these items:

1 – Start in the File Center and check the Info or Data tab on the most current Summer PEIMS file loaded in ODS. If any of the yellow highlights shown in the screen below are NOT OK, you are missing required data.

2 – Within the InterchangeStudentAttendance>SpecialProgramsAttendance Complex Type is the CTE Multiplier Attendance data – if that is missing, the CTE FTE Tiers will not calculate.

  • How to check to see if they are missing is to use the Student Report Center>Summer PEIMS>CTE Attendance Multiplier category and look for the current year option – if it exists there is SOME CTE Attendance data in the file loaded.
  • If the current year option is NOT available, there is NO CTE Attendance in the Summer PEIMS file loaded, and CTE FTEs will NOT calculate for the current year.

What then? Check your Summer PEIMS extract process in your SIS and reload a file with this data for any of the ODS CTE FTE reports to calculate for current year including:

  • Student>Student Custom Reports>CTE>CTE Eligible Days and Contact Hours Post 2021
  • Student>Student Custom Reports>FTE Reports>CTE FTE Report Post 2021
  • Finance>Finance Custom Reports>Summary of Finance (SOF) Reports>Student Funding Detail Reports>HB3 Student FTE – Spec Ed, CTE, PRS Post 2021
  • Finance>Finance Custom Reports>Summary of Finance (SOF) Reports>Summary of Finance Summary> Summary of Finance – Student Data Summary

Updated on 10/16/2023

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