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2023 A-F Reporting Update Log

We have been working on updating the A-F system reports and when they are released to districts via TEAL, we are ready to receive the agreed upon file formatted files once they are released to districts and start calculating the A-F section of the system using the most recent manual release data.

Please note that the A-F Domain reports should only be considered preliminary at this time, as they are based on draft methodology from the Texas Education Agency (TEA) that is still subject to change. Once the TEA releases the final accountability manual, we will conduct a thorough review and analysis to ensure our projections align.

The TEA acknowledged the need for additional analyses of Academic Growth cut scores and Domain III targets in a recent letter to administrators, which can be found here: Delay in 2023 A–F Academic Accountability Ratings Letter.
Given this, it is likely that the current calculations do not accurately reflect anticipated ratings. As such, we recommend using the A-F reports for a high-level perspective but advise caution in drawing any concrete conclusions.

Districts are reminded that as we begin this new year we will be calculating your results based on uploaded data files that are presumed to be complete and formatted as designated by TEA as published on the TEA Data File Formats website for the 2023 year. https://tea.texas.gov/student-assessment/testing/student-assessment-overview/data-file-formats

Accuracy of initially reported results
Historically we will utilize the first few days/weeks to confirm that system-wide uploaded files do not have issues with formatting or incorrect data and that our code is working. This means that we will be pushing items daily/weekly as we test to ensure the reasonableness and accuracy of each domain and in some cases may need to update code to recalculate this data.

This page will provide up-to-date information on any changes made to the A-F reporting sections located in the OnDataSuite Accountability section.

Required A-F Reporting File Upload Information
For detailed information on required file uploads that are used to calculate A-F please visit the KB article below

Posted 11/02/23
We have now started the process of calculating reported A-F accountability domains using the TEA published 2023 Accountability Manual released 10/31/23.

Updated items listed below are scheduled to be implemented at the end of the business day to all district accounts. Districts who wish to have their data tables updated prior to the end of the day will need to put in a ticket requesting to have their A-F data refreshed.

Before submitting a ticket, districts are highly encouraged to review their reports for reasonableness and if submitting a ticket, please provide student-specific examples and/or TEA-cited guidance from the now-released 2023 manual where they feel the reported value is incorrect.

2023 OnDataSuite A-F Updates Posted Below this Point

Update Domain 3 Closing the Gaps calculation when a campus does not meet minimum size for a component, the weight of the missing component is distributed proportionally among the remaining components

Revise the Domain 3 English Language Proficiency component by incorporating historical data from the 2023 TELPAS data files. This enhancement eliminates the need for loading two years of TELPAS data, streamlining the process. Additionally, we have refined the numerator calculation for increased accuracy and efficiency..


A-F Updates 01.10.2024

  • Fixed STAAR records that had local ID with alphanumeric IDs that were translating to all zeros.
  • Updated All Domain details list to display TX unique ID
  • Fix list issues with Student ID’s displaying incorrectly


Updated Current Year TELPAS Years in U.S. Schools calculation for Inclusion of EB Students/ELs. We are using STAAR TELPAS Data and Calculated Fields for EL Performance Measure Reporting and/or Accountability Reporting in the STAAR data file.  This affects all domains.


Updates were made to the English Language Proficiency (ELP) data in the Domain 3 Closing the Gaps numerator. These updates reflect clarification received from the Texas Education Agency (TEA) that students can meet the numerator criteria by demonstrating growth in at least one domain and additionally receiving advanced Advanced High or Basic Fluency in at least one additional domain.


Updates were made to the English Language Proficiency (ELP) data in Domain 3 Closing the Gaps to include records where a student’s district enrollment changed between 2022 and 2023. These changes ensure students who transferred districts are accurately counted for the purposes of gap analysis.


For Domain 3 Closing the Gaps, both ALT and non-Alt TELPAS records will be updated. We will include results that are not coded as “C” for LEP indicator, as well as those coded as “C” but not coded as “1” for years in US schools.

The Overall Domain Summary has been updated to include the following calculations from page 55 of the manual. Scores that follow this logic will be marked with an asterisk () or double asterisk (*) to indicate demotion

* If a scaled score less than 60 is received in three of the four areas of Student Achievement; School Progress, Part A: Academic Growth; School Progress, Part B: Relative Performance; or Closing the Gaps, the highest scaled score a district, open-enrollment charter school, or campus can receive for the overall rating is a 59. In order for this provision to be applied, the district, open-enrollment charter school, or campus must be evaluated in all four areas. If the Student Achievement domain scaled score is 60 or higher, this provision will not be applied. This provision is not applied to a dropout recovery school.

** If a scaled score less than 70 is received in three of the four areas of Student Achievement; School Progress, Part A: Academic Growth; School Progress, Part B: Relative Performance; or Closing the Gaps, the highest scaled score a district, open-enrollment charter school, or campus can receive for the overall rating is a 69. In order for this provision to be applied, the district, open-enrollment charter school, or campus must be evaluated in all four areas. This provision is not applied to a dropout recovery school. If the Student Achievement domain scaled score is 70 or higher, this provision will not be applied.


  • The Closing the Gaps details page now properly displays prior year data if it has been loaded into the Campus Closing the Gaps domain data table. Previously, the prior year’s values were not showing even when the data was masked.



Posted A-F Summary report notes to following KB Article Location: https://kb.ondatasuite.com/knowledge-base/2023-a-f-summary-report-details-where-does-the-data-come-from/


Updated AEA STAAR Only methodology for Student Achievement Domain

Update 2023 Target, Next Interim Target, Long Term Target for Closing the Gaps

Performance Targets tables for Growth in RLA and Math to align with updates to School Progress Domain cut points

Updated Table 5.3: Campus School Progress, Part A, cut points

Updated Table 5.4: Campus Closing the Gaps Domain, cut points

Posted approximately 9. A.M.
We are reviewing the items in the final TEA 2023 Accountability manual release (10/31/23) and we will be using this week to determine what changes have been made from the preliminary manuals to the final. This means we will be updating the tables used in our calculations and we are also reviewing each page as it relates back to the back end codes.

We do not have an exact time frame available yet, but we are hoping to have it out as soon as possible. Please keep checking back on this post for updates.


KB article posted that explains where we pulled Domain 3, prior year closing the gaps reading and math scores from:


Student Growth calculations now incorporate SIRS/SDR data for all students, regardless of what district they were enrolled in for their prior year administration. As long as the student’s previous test data is available in SIRS/SDR, it will be used to determine their prior test administration scale scores. These scale scores are then used to calculate current year performance levels for the growth measurements, regardless of where the student was located for their previous assessment.


Removed inclusion of SDR data files. The inclusion of these files resulted in the incorrect calculation and display of campus/district data related to uploaded SDR/SIRS files.

The display of outside district/campus data while logged into the A-F system represented information associated to any locally uploaded SDR files and was derived from the coded assessment file information (Location 9-17) County‐District‐Campus Number.

Districts that did not load any SDR files were not affected.


A-F STAAR results now includes SDR files for results


Important Update to Domain 3 Calculation
Our calculation of the A-F Domain 3 location NOW REQUIRES the upload of the 2022 TEAL – Campus Closing the Gaps Domain Table in order to determine the two lowest performing categories per by campus. The file center has been updated to include a new ‘Campus Closing the Gaps Domain Data Table’ upload button. Users are encouraged to follow the guidance below to acquire their file.

Please visit this supporting KB article for details on the file upload requirements.


Domain 1 Academic Achievement dropout rate calculation has been adjusted to provide more accurate results. Although the detailed breakdown for small number analysis is not displayed, it is still calculated as needed for as per reporting requirements.

Domain 3 closing the Gaps Scale score calculation rounding adjustments.


Note From Programming Team to To Users Regarding Lowest Performing Campuses
If you believe our system incorrectly identified the two lowest performing campuses, please open a support ticket. We will then review and update the data from TEA to ensure the campuses with the lowest performance are properly reflected. Once the data is corrected, we will recalculate your A-F results. Please let us know if you have any other issues with the lowest performer identification or A-F grade calculations.


Accountability Ratings Overall Summary report added TEA 2022 columns with last year’s results to compare to.


An issue was identified in the 2022 STAAR 3-8 Alternate 2 accountability conversion tables, which caused 2022 Alternate assessments to not receive a performance level indicator. This impacted the calculation of Domain 2 and Domain 3 growth for STAAR 3-8 Alternate tests that showed growth from 2022 to 2023. The issue has now been resolved.


Domain 3 Closing the Gaps – Fixed an issue with new campuses not choosing the lowest 2 ethnicities.


Added Exclusion from Domain 3 and Final Results for campuses that have the following:

  • The district or campus has no data in the accountability subset.
  • The district or campus has insufficient data to assign a rating

Domain 1 Academic Achievement fix a rounding issue with Scale score calculations for STAAR component.

Domain 3 Closing the Gaps Summary report changes order to match Domain 1 and 2 order


Overall Summary fix for dark mode not displaying correctly

Domain 2, Part – A scaling error occurred when the raw score for A exceeded 100, incorrectly returning ‘ND’. This has now been corrected so that raw scores above 100 will be scaled to 100 and assigned a letter grade of A, as intended.

Domain overall grade calculation has been updated to round to the nearest whole number, instead of displaying decimal places. This affects the overall domain grade shown on result summaries.

Domain 3 Closing the Gaps – logic for identifying lowest performers has been updated based on Lead4Ward logic

Domain 3 Closing Achievement Gaps – New Campuses Opening in 2023. For new campuses opening in 2023, achievement gap closure targets are set using the state’s lowest two performing subgroups, African American and Hispanic students, as denoted under totals


NOTE ABOUT Consolidated Accountability File (CAF)
We do not use the CAF file for any of the OnDataSuite A-F calculations and there is no requirement to load this file at this time

Domains 1, 2, and 3 Details pages have added a toggle button to expand/collapse details sections for more screen space

For JJAEP and DEAP campuses:
– Details Totals pages show “NR” for Not Rated
– Summary pages show “NR” and 0.0 points, excluded from district calculations

Overall Domain calculations now remove JJAEP and DEAP campuses from final scoring

In summary, JJAEP and DEAP campuses are now marked “NR” across details and summary pages, and excluded from district-level calculations. Toggle buttons allow collapsing sections for more visible space.
– Article that details how we determine if a campus is JJAEP or DAEP qualified for exclusion

Domain 3 Closing the Gaps resolved an issue that was causing totals to incorrectly prioritize certain components over others, thereby altering the final totals.


Updated logic for EB students/ELs who are year one in U.S. schools to excluded from accountability performance calculations

2023 Accountability Ratings Overall Summary released

Domain 3 Closing the Gaps Summary Report changed how AEA Campuses were being identified

Domain 3 Closing the Gaps – English Language Proficiency (ELP): The ELP calculation was incorrectly updated earlier, but this issue has now been resolved and the calculation is fixed. Apologies for the mistake.

Updates to Domain 3 Closing the Gaps Summary Report:

  • Changed label from “Final Scoring” to “Campus Final Scoring”
  • Adjusted font sizes for improved fit
  • Added “Calculated on” date/time stamp in header


Domain 3 Closing the Gaps: English Language Proficiency (ELP) calculation, updated methodology.

2023 A-F Accountability system update: The Administrator Campus Type Override feature now also updates the Domain Campus designation when changed.

Domain 3 Closing the Gaps: An issue with final scores has been fixed where, if a component had no data and was not calculated, its weight was not properly distributed to the existing components. Final scores will now correctly redistribute weights when a component cannot be calculated due to lack of data.


Domain 3 Closing the Gaps Summary Report: The calculation for determining the district proportion previously used the raw score incorrectly. This has been corrected to now properly use the scale score.

Report note adjustment : Domain 3 Closing the Gaps: The calculation for prior year Growth was not displaying or calculating correctly for campuses. This only affected campuses that could not calculate high focus using prior year data. The issue has been fixed

Change the word District to Campuses

Domain 3 Closing the Gaps: The calculation for prior year Growth was not displaying or calculating correctly for districts. This only affected districts that could not calculate high focus using prior year data. The issue has been fixed.

Domain 3 Closing the Gaps: English Language Proficiency (ELP) calculation, have new and improved methodology.
NOTE: English Language Proficiency (ELP) calculation REQUIRES 2 years of TELPAS data to be loaded 2022 and 2023

Domain 3 Closing the Gaps: The calculation methodology for the English Language Proficiency (ELP) score contained errors which have now been corrected.


Domain 3 Closing the Gaps: The calculation for possible points for English Language Proficiency was incorrect. This has been corrected.

Domain 3 Closing the Gaps: The prior year Student Success component was previously using the Approaches Grade Level standard instead of the Summed Grades. This has been corrected.

Domain 3 Closing the Gaps: Previous Student Growth calculations did not include the accelerated learning data from HB4545. This has now been corrected.

Domain 3 Closing the Gaps: The summary report is now available

Domain 3 Closing the Gaps: A previous update from last night affected the Closing the Gaps Domain Raw Score, Closing the Gaps Domain Scale Score, and Closing the Gaps Domain Letter Score. This issue has now been resolved

Domain 3 Closing the Gaps: Final scores were updated and points were redistributed from components that did not meet standards to those that did meet standards


Domain 3 Closing the Gap, the component totals calculation was updated. Previously it was using 32 as the denominator for all components rather than using the possible points to calculate the Score.

Domain 3 Closing the Gap component totals previously only had the capacity to store 2.1 units of data. After an upgrade, the storage capacity has increased to 3.1 units, allowing for 100% of the data to now be stored.

NOTE: These 2 changes should drastically make scores higher for campuses that were excluding possible points earned.

Domain 3 Closing the Gap – Updated Lowest performers calculation to come  from https://rptsvr1.tea.texas.gov/perfreport/account/2022/download/camp_d3_data.html Numerators and Denominators for Academic Achievement. Previously we were using TAPR prior year TAPR data

NOTE: A group must have 10 assessments in both RLA and mathematics to be evaluated for the lowest prior year identification. We are using TEA’s data for prior year thus they calculated with a group size of 25

Domain 3 Closing the Gap – The calculation for the English Language Proficiency gap has been updated in Domain 3 to now include alternative education campuses and follows the formula outlined on page 39 of the A-F Accountability Manual.
NOTE : The ELP drill down will include the 6 Rating columns: 3 for this year and 3 for prior year to prove or disprove numerator. You are now able to look at these columns and see why a student was included or not included in the numerator and or denominator .. If you are submitting a ticket with regard to this breakdown after this post regarding the ELP Calculation, we will need an example student name and local id with as much supporting information as possible.

Domain 3 Closing the Gap – English Language Proficiency added column for list drill down to display the test type TELPAS or TELPAS-ALT


Enhanced the Closing the Gaps Scale score calculation methodology to provide more accurate results.

Refined the Closing the Gapes Student Success metric (using STAAR assessments only, excluding CCMR) to now calculate the average percentage of students achieving Approaches Grade Level or above, Meets Grade Level or above, and Masters Grade Level.

Corrected the 2023 Closing the Gaps Performance Target for Hispanic students at Elementary Schools from 69 to 35, fixing a previous data error.

Enhanced the methodology for calculating English Language Proficiency to provide more accurate and meaningful results.

Update Domain 3 – Closing the Gaps to increase the minimum campus enrollment size requirement for reporting Reading Language Arts (RLA) and mathematics assessment results from 25 students to 10 students.


Resolved issue with Domain 1 details displaying incorrect groupings when drilling down to list views

Resolved issue with Domain 1 not scaling STAAR and CCMR, for certain campuses.


Updated Domain 1 CCMR: Fixed an error that was incorrectly showing 100% completion rates for all campuses that did not meet the minimum requirement for sunsetting IBCs.


Updated Domain 1 CCMR calculation for sunsetting IBC in the final domain score only.

Update on Domain 3 Report Release
We have received several tickets and calls inquiring about the release of Domain 3 reports under A-F. We apologize for not having the Domain 3 reports out yet. We had hoped to have something out by last Friday (8/25/23) but it was not possible. The OnDataSuite programming teams are still working toward getting the Domain 3 Closing the Gaps (CTG) reports out but unfortunately there are still a few items programmatically that are taking a bit more time.

As always, our primary goal is to provide you with reports that are as accurate as possible, and we will keep working this week to try and get the CTG reports out as soon as we can.


The calculation method for District Proportion ratings in Domain 2 Summary has been updated to determine scores for each Sub Domain component separately.

The header labels in Domain 2 Summary have been changed.

The graph in Domain 2 Details has been removed because it was redundant and only displayed the scaled scores for the Relative performance of each component. The scaled scores are now shown directly in the table.

Domain 2 Details now displays the scores for each component of this domain instead of just the overall domain score. This allows viewing the performance on each individual sub-domain.


The Final 2023 CCMR Student Listing Verifier file parser has been updated and districts can now load this file

Domain 2 Relative Performance change title to Value Needed For Scaling
Domain 2 Relative Performance added Raw score for STAAR and CCMR
Domain 2 Relative Performance reconfigure graph to accurately represent the scale



Fixed calculation for Domain 2 Summary Campus proportion points.

Fixed calculation for Domain 2 Summary Proportion points


Fix for 2023 STAAR 3-8 test in Spring month not affecting growth (Reload was required)


Fix for Domain High Focus Meets percentage was calculated incorrectly.

Fix Dropout rate calculation adjusted. Note: Dropout rate table displays last year’s rate and not the average for the 3 years

Update STAAR Raw Scores and Scale Scores Associated with the Calculation of School for 2023 Accountability Cycle June 2022, December 2022, and Spring 2023

Fixed Domain 1 Drill down error.


Fix for STAAR ALT 3-8 records not being included in growth reports – Previously, STAAR ALT 3-8 assessment records were erroneously excluded from growth calculations. This issue has been resolved, allowing STAAR ALT 3-8 results to now be properly included in growth reports.

Fix for CCMR Verified data from the Texas Education Agency (TEA): The data was pulled from the previous year for Domain 1. Sometimes it results in the Source being displayed as (TEA) however pulling the ODS calculated value.


Update Domain 2 District Calculation to use campus disproportions for Rating On Summary and Details Reports

Added drill down to Domain 2 Totals

Added Grade Level column for Domain 2 drill-down list


Removed retained students from Growth Calculations

Add District Proportions to the summary for District Ratings

Update Domain 1 Details for Districts to use Campus Proportions for Scores

Update Scaling for Domain 2


Lead4ward accountabilityconnect -STAAR Academic Growth Report added Grade 3 Reading and Math Test

Added Total Assessment to Domain 2 Part A: Academic Growth display. This is just a visual, and does not change in calculation This shows the numbers on how we calculated the Raw score.

Doman 2 Annual Growth Points Eaned incorrectly reporting points, this is fixed and did not affect the final calculation.

Updated Domain 2 CCMR + STAAR to use scale score instead of raw scores when avg. to get Relative Performance Score

UPDATE “Total Assessments” for calculation of School Progress, Part A: Academic Growth Raw Score. Was not including all tests.

Fixed Domain II the total number of tests in the Annual growth points chart does not correlate with the total assessments in the academic growth points earned table.


Lead4ward updated their Accountabilityconnect STAAR Academic Growth reports to fix an issue where totals were not matching due to recently added updates

The Doman 2 growth model was updated to fix an issue where the student drill-down was not displaying all students.


We are aware that there is an issue with the calculation of Domain 2 with both the returned calculated learning points as well as the calculated raw score. We will be making adjustments to this calculation based on client feedback. Please check back to this log for more information as it becomes available. If you have a ticket submitted for this issue we will respond after we have corrected the issue. We apologize for the delay.

With regard to the lead4ward STAAR Academic Growth Report results being different than the reported A-F Domain 2 results the programmer has also been made aware of this issue.


Remove hold over NR from Domain Rating

Fix drill down for lead4ward accountabilityconnect – STAAR Academic Growth report with selecting subject area

Fixed an issue where students were not getting counted in Domain 2 and lead4ward accountability connect-Lead4ward accountability connect STAAR academic growth report.

Updated Graduation Rate Cut points for Domain scaling.


Updated Scaling Tool for 2023

Updated STAAR 3-8 Performance Levels, this update affects where they fall in Student Growth Reports (Domain2)


We have started the process of switching over the Accountability A-F section from 2022 to 2023. Please be patient as this process is taking place. We are hoping that the conversion will be complete by tomorrow morning (08/04/23).

Please note that any display of data at this point should be considered PRELIMINARY in terms of displayed results. Always refer back to this page to review any changes made to the system as we progress forward with each domain’s calculation.


Just a reminder.  The process of calculating A-F each year involves multiple items that can affect the final calculation of the results, and as such can take some time on our end to make sure that the reported PRELIMINARY A-F predictions are as accurate as possible.

Please remember that OnDataSuite programmers can program our reports in accordance with TEA guidance from the latest manual specifications,  but until we have all data files from several districts, there is no way for us to determine how accurate our A-F reports are until we have run them for multiple districts and district feedback via the ticket system lets us know they are as accurate as possible.

As the first few days of data files start to come in and get calculated, we rely on our YOU, our district users, to help us determine if our reporting is accurately reporting for the current year. Please read below and then if you have issues this year, create a ticket and make sure to provide as much detail as possible when describing why you feel the report is incorrect. A good example would be if your ticket gives specific student examples that should or should not be included in counts.

Are our calculations accurate? 
We are calculating the results using the methodology provided via the TEA 2023 Accountability Manual. However, if the files you are uploading have issues with the vendor, or if the file is missing, then the calculation will not be accurate.  If the assessment file you uploaded was replaced by the vendor with a new file, then you may need to request that the original file be removed

Is all of your data uploaded coming from a valid file?
Please make sure that ALL required files have been uploaded. This happens each year. A district will need to verify that every EOC, 5&8, and the 3-8 STAAR files are loaded as well as your TELPAS and final graduation rate (4,5,6 year) files. This year we are asking for CCMR Verifier & Accelerated Tester files.

For detailed information on required file uploads please visit this KB article

Did you review your data for data reasonableness?
After you load a file, please utilize the Assessment, reporting features in OnDataSuite to determine that the files you loaded make data sense. For example, if you know you have approximately 300 EOC A1 testers and you only are seeing 100, that is a clear sign that the uploaded files are lacking. Additionally, make sure that the numerator and denominator values being used to calculate your A-F reports are accurate. Do this by drilling down into the student lists and making sure all your kids are there. This can be done first with the smallest sample (select one campus to review) versus trying to determine reasonableness on the grand scale (district-wide).

Updated on 03/18/2024

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