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Loading TEAL – Campus Closing the Gaps Domain Data Table

TEAL Campus Closing the Gaps Domain Data Table – Accepted Data File Layout
This file is an Excel (.XLSX)

This file is a data download that provides all accountability data elements for districts and campuses and is a required file upload when calculating the A-F Domain 3 location.

Load in the 2023-2024 school year

Data file used for 2023 A-F Calculation

We are using the data from the 2023 file to confirm the prior years as stated in the manual on page 31: ” The two lowest-performing racial/ethnic groups from the prior year are determined by averaging the Academic Achievement RLA and mathematics indicators from the prior year”

IMPORTANT NOTE: It has come to our attention that TEA has used the same naming convention each year this file is posted (‘CAMP_DATA file’). Users will need to be sure that the file they are loading is associated with the correct year they are trying to upload into their file center.

File Location

This file can be found in the TEAL Accountability website under the Performance Reporting Tab.

In the Performance Reporting section select the ‘Academic Accountability’ link

From the list of items available look for the prior year Accountability Data Download link and click on it

Ask for the data download as follows:

1. What type of data would you like to download?
Select Campus-Level Data

2. Subset data by selecting the category of information you wish to download.
Select Closing the Gaps – Data Table

3. Select your preferred file type:
Select Excel

4. Click the continue button and save the file to a local location.
IMPORTANT NOTE: If possible, try not to open the file prior to uploading this file into OnDataSuite File Center

Updated on 06/12/2024

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