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Thera are two different placed for BOY in File Center. ETS Pearson, and Cambium BOY. The files are not interchangeable so make sure you are uploading in the correct area.

BOY- Accepted Data File Layout

TEA Data File format 2020 – PEARSON
We are unsure if districts will still have access to, or need to, upload files at this point. If districts are wanting to upload a 2020 file it is HIGHLY recommended that they submit a ticket inquiring if the File Center will still be accepting this file.

Further Information Concerning BOY Assessments:
TEA Beginning of Year Assessments (BOY)

TEA Data File format 2021 – CAMBIUM
This data file format is the latest provided by TEA as of (08/30/21) and may still be subject to change. Districts attempting to load this file are encouraged to upload and then spot check their data to ensure that the data file format released below did not have any updates/changes.  Once we have final confirmation of  a true finalized data file format from cambium and TEA, we will remove this message from the report manual and solidify any further instructions.

2021 tx-boy-interim-file-layout-district-version (as of 08/30/21)

This file is a fixed length file
from Cambium

  • This file is a fixed length file provided by Pearson Cambium (updated 08/30/21).
  • File cannot be compressed or zipped.
  • File name cannot contain spaces.
  • When naming files, only use letters, numbers, dashes or underscores.

Updated on 11/11/2021

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