Discipline Data Review – Focus List Utilization

Create a focus list

Use the Focus List on Custom Reports

  • Some reports have a “Focus List” filter at the top.
  • Example: Student > Student Custom Reports > Discipline Reports > Action Reason Summary > Discipline Action Reason Code Trend Analysis

Use Focus List on Adhoc Report building.

  • Pull in focus list at the top of the Report Center
  • Use Categories/Criteria as usual
  • Example: Summer Enrollment/ Criteria = Dual Credit
  • Create a Focus List of a specific group of students by querying your data. (Example: Dual Credit students)
  • Create a list of Dual Credit students by running query and clicking on the hyperlink of the aggregated total of dual credit students.
  • In 22-23 school year, this district had 1,051 students that were participating in Dual Credit.
  • Click the Focus List button at the top of the student detail list to save this list of students.
  • Name the Focus List and click Submit to save the list under “FOCUS LIST” on the black menu bar at the top of the screen.
  • At the top of the Student Report Center, under Focus List, click the dropdown to view the list of Focus Lists that you have created and saved.
  • Click on a list to begin your query from that focus list.
  • Select the category of data (Example: Summer PEIMS > Disciplinary Incidents).
  • Select a specific year(s) or leave blank for ALL Years.
  • Add Criteria (specific PEIMS reported elements that are part of the data category selected)
  • The end result is a report comprised of PEIMS reported data for a specific group of students that are in your FOCUS LIST.
  • From the example above, out of 1,051 Dual Credit Students in 22-23, only 39 of those students had PEIMS reportable discipline incidents in the 22-23 school year.
Updated on 02/26/2024

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