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Domain III – Closing the Gaps

lease note that the A-F Domain reports should only be considered preliminary at this time, as they are based on draft methodology from the Texas Education Agency (TEA) that is still subject to change. Once the TEA releases the final accountability manual, we will conduct a thorough review and analysis to ensure our projections align.
The TEA acknowledged the need for additional analyses of Academic Growth cut scores and Domain III targets in a recent letter to administrators, which can be found here: Delay in 2023 A–F Academic Accountability Ratings Letter.
Given this, it is likely that the current calculations do not accurately reflect anticipated ratings. As such, we recommend using the A-F reports for a high-level perspective, but advise caution in drawing any concrete conclusions.

A-F Domain 3 Closing the Gaps Summary and Detail Reports

For detailed information about calculations please refer to the TEA Manual
Chapter 4- Closing the Gaps Domain, posted 5/19/2023

For File Dependency Information refer to the internal link
A-F File Requirements and Definitions

4-Year Federal Graduation Rate (Chosen Component) Will NOT have drill down. It is from the 4 year long list.

Prior Year Data is coming from Accountability

Masking Rules

If you see *., -1 in your data see TEA masking rules from accountability data

Academic Achievement

Data Should match Domain 1 Meets Grade Level or Above


Data Should match lead4ward Growth when filtered to correct test.

School Quality

Data Should match CCMR data in Domain 1

School Success

Updated on 09/13/2023

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