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To bulk load files for more than one district at a time, the following are considered best practices. In the example below the user is loading summer PEIMS files.

1) In order to stay organized ESC users are first encouraged to create a folder and name it the submission you are preparing to upload. In the example below the ESC is preparing to upload the completed summer PEIMS submissions into their OnDataSuite database. For example “ESCxx_Summer_20_21”

2)Then zip each districts set of files (xml or cvs) into a single zipped file. In the example below, the user is zipping together 8 xml files from district 011901 into a single zipped file entitled “011901.zip”.

3) After zipping each districts set of files into its on single zip file, save the files in your previously created submission folder “ESCxx_Summer_20_21”

4) Once all the files are ready, you should have one file per district. You may then combine all of these files into a single zip file. In the example below the ESC user is zipping 3 districts files into a single file titled “REGION.zip”

5) Once the files are ready, log into OndataSuite and navigate to the file center. After selecting the proper submission and year browse to your single “REGION.zip” file and upload it.

Updated on 09/15/2023

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