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ESSA PR1500 Aid Part 2-General Education Elementary (PK-5) Equity Data Survey

Report Location: Accountability>Federal: Accountability Report Center>ESSA, Title I Equity Plan

Beginning in the 2019-2020 school year, the Texas Education Agency (TEA) is expiring the PR1500 data collection. However, we will continue to provide this report as it contains additional information for PEIMS 30090 Responsibility reporting and allows LEAs to continue monitoring Highly Qualified requirements.

Summary: Districts that receive Title I funds are required to complete the ESSA PR1500 Equity Data Survey for each of their campuses, regardless of campus Title I status unless the campus meets certain exemptions including having no teachers of record. This report calculates Part 2 Total Teachers by Assignment for Credentials and Total Yrs Prof Experience for every campus with elementary students.

  • Note: You must load current year PEIMS Fall XML interchanges for staff and student. Student data does not need to be fatal free!

Usage: Used to aid with reporting ESSA PR1500 data through the eGrants system.

Data Sources:

  • File Center>Staff>Certifications for Credentials
  • PEIMS Fall records for current school year
    • Interchange Student Enrollment
      • Student School Association – 40110 (determines elementary vs secondary reporting)
    • Interchange Staff Association
      • Staff Extension Complex – 30040
      • Staff Responsibilities Complex – 30090
  • Special Note: Staff information for this report should be based on October 2nd snapshot. Many business and student information systems have the capability to create PEIMS XML files for a specific date.
    • If your systems do not have this option, the snapshot date for current year is October 26th, 2018 and you will need to:
      • subtract teachers who enter after October 2nd and
      • add teachers who leave after October 2nd

Part 2: General Education


  • Campus: Campuses who have elementary PK – 5 grade levels based on student enrollment records (40110) are included in the report. EE only campuses will not be included.
    • Special Note: Campuses who include 6th graders at the elementary level will be reported in both the elementary and secondary version of this report, denoted by an asterisk.
  • Assignment: Driven by Service-ID (E0724) on the teachers’ Responsibility record (30090) tied to an assignment. To review the table, click this link: 2020 PR1500 Elementary Service IDs
    • Special Notes:
      • Since Service IDs SE000001-SE000006 have no grade level range, they will be counted in the generalist assignment on both the elementary and secondary version of this report for campuses who include 6th graders at the elementary level.
      • There is no way to determine whether a campus is doing self-contained homeroom classes, team teaching, or specialized teaching. Counts are included under all appropriate assignments and must be reviewed with drill downs to determine if counts should be manipulated.
  • Total Teachers: Uses Responsibility record (30090) for counts in each assignment:
    • Role-ID (E0721) = 087
    • Number-Students-In-Class (E0170) is greater than zero-teacher of record
    • Campus-ID (E0266)-counted at every campus taught
    • Counted once in every assignment taught (Ex: 3 Math classes, 3 Science classes, count of 1 added to Assignment Math and Science)
  • Credential for the Teaching Assignment in Question: Uses staff certifications loaded to the File Center
    • Only certifications with ‘Expire Date’ > 10/02/2018 or ‘Life’ taken into account
    • Uses ‘Grade Level’ ranges to determine whether valid for elementary
    • Uses the Cert Typ Code to determine appropriate category
      • Standard = STD or PRV
      • Probationary = PRO or OYC
      • Intern = INT
      • Emergency = ECRT or EMP
      • District Permit = Local coding (included for exporting to Excel and manually recording)
      • VIT (Visiting International Teacher) = VIT
      • No Credential = Any teacher who was not included in the previous categories
    • Special Note:
      • Credential counts are purely placed in the assignment based on service ids (see Assignment above). There is no cross referencing with the TEA teacher assignment chart, so credentials should be reviewed with drill down to verify compliance.
      • If a teacher has more than one credential in the same category, they will be counted once; if a teacher has more than one credential in multiple categories, they will be counted under each. This could make the category counts higher than the Total Teachers count.
  • Teaching Experience: Uses Total-Years-Prof-Experience (E0130) from the staff record (30040) and adds count to appropriate years experience range. Total years under Teaching Experience should match Total Teachers field for each assignment.


  • Use Export to Excel to provide a template where counts can be modified upon further research and analysis.
  • Use drill downs to review appropriate ‘Assignment’ classifications.
  • Credential area: Use drill downs to review certification information including Cert Type, Effective Date, Expire Date, Grade Level, Cert Level, and Field
    • Note: ‘Total Teachers’ column will include expired certifications for display; Credential columns will only include certifications that are valid for ESSA reporting.

Resources for qualifications and calculations:


Updated on 03/17/2023

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