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How often should I load PEIMS files?

How often to load PEIMS files is completely up to the LEA, however there are best practices that we can recommend:

PEIMS Fall Files

  • It might be beneficial to start loading PEIMS fall files as early in the year as possible to start looking at snapshot data including TSDS Business Rules. This will be dependent on whether or not your SIS/ERP allows PEIMS exports to the XML files before the newest year updates have occurred. In OnDataSuite, we read the files as is even if the newest updates have not yet been applied by your SIS/ERP vendor. As long as you can export a PEIMS XML fall file, whether or not it has the newest updates, we can read it!
  • Many LEAs load the PEIMS fall files weekly or biweekly up until the final resubmission in January. This allows other district and campus level users to periodically review the most recent information that will be reported to the state through the PEIMS submission.

PEIMS Summer Files

  • Some LEAs load PEIMS summer files only after the end of each six week’s reporting period in order to review attendance information.
  • It would be preferable to load summer files as soon as you can in the year and as often as you can. We have LEAs that load nightly using OnSync or weekly using OnSync or manual loading. This allows distict and campus level users to review not only attendance data but also discipline, restraints, special programs, and a whole host of other information in a more real time environment. It also helps with the predictive analysis reports in Accountability. The more timely the data, the better the results!

For more information on OnSync, please see the following kb article:

Updated on 03/31/2023

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