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How to generate State Assessment Printable Cards

How to generate (Multi-Card | Multi-Student) printable cards for State Assessments (STAAR 3-8, STAAR EOC, TELPAS)

What does the printable card option do?

The printable card option allows users to generate printable cards that display a historical view of found student state assessment scores (STAAR 3-8, STAAR EOC, TELPAS) from any generated list using the tools / printable cards option.

Note: The process outlined below details the steps used to generate Multi-Student printable cards meaning the PDF output will display several students per page. Users wishing to print only one card per student will need to do this from within the student dashboard. For details on how to do this please review the following associated KB article: https://kb.ondatasuite.com/knowledge-base/student-profile-dashboard/

The following steps below outline the process of generating printable cards from any returned list view in OnDataSuite.

Step 1. Get to a list view.
The user must always be in a ‘LIST’ view in order to view the Printable Cards option. This means that an aggregate total must be clicked on to drill down to the student LIST view and it must be on the screen. Anytime a user clicks on any aggregate total it will take them to a LIST view.

In the example below, we will query the TELPAS file to find all 2023 TELPAS tested students. From the Assessment > TELPAS section, select the ‘Admin and Student Demographic’ table from the TELPAS Report Center options and select a filter for the year 2023, then generate the report using the green button to get to your aggregate total. This total would represent every student that tested in TELPAS for the 2023 year.

Step 2. Click on the aggregate total

Click on the ‘aggregate’ total returned from your query to drill down to the LIST view

Step 3. While in LIST view use the ‘Tools’ menu dropdown to select the printable card of your choice.

Step 4. Save your PDF download and/or print your TELPAS cards

Updated on 02/02/2024

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