STAAR EOC Achieve Vs Growth

Achievement Vs. STAAR Growth Matrix

The Achievement vs. STAAR Growth Matrix report displays a matrix of “Student Performance Level” by “STAAR Growth.” Students are listed in the matrix depending on where how they performed on the assessment.

Data Source:

  • It’s important to note you must choose between the Pearson CAF (Cumulative Assessment File) or your district Pearson results files. When choosing the CAF file you may see campuses listed that are not in your district. The CAF will include students who tested at other districts but are counted as part of your districts accountability sub-set.
  • Teacher comes from the Class Roster Winter Enrollment collection which must be uploaded into File Center

Note; In Order for the system to calculate the points needed for the student to move to the next level the user must run the report for a specific grade level. There must also be data present for each of the following fields, subject, year, scale score and language. If any of these fields are blank in the data file the system cannot calculate the needed points.

Example ;

Not Met GrowthMet GrowthExceeded GrowthGrowth Unavailable
Met Level III Commended
Met Level II RecommendedBob Smith (1795) +12Mary Hera (1851)
Level II Not Passed

– Bob smith has a scale score of 1795 points; he needs 12 more points to move up to the “Met Level I Recommended”
– Mary Hera has a scale score of 1851 but the system could not calculate points needed to move up.
– The report categories and results will vary based on the parameters chosen.

**2017_STAAR_Calculating_Progress_Measure.pdf —–>DOWNLOAD

Updated on 04/04/2023

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