STAAR EOC Students Met Standards Eligibility Review

Summary: This report will list all students who have been reported in the PEIMS Summer or Fall submission of the selected year and who are eligible to take an EOC exam. (Grades 6 and up).

NOTE: This report utilizes the methodology known as “bridging” to determine if a student meets the (Course Waived) CW criteria for school year 19-20 due to Covid-19. Please check your local grading policy for deviations to this method. (9/20)


 STAAR EOC Met Standards Count Crosswalk

Assessment files used ( STAAR EOC & STAR ALT2 EOC )

Met Standards Indicators:
Blank = Test not taken
N = Failed EOC Exam
Y = Passed EOC Exam
L2 = EOC ALT2 Level 1 Satisfactory
L3 = EOC ALT2 Level 3 Advanced

Score Code (SC) Indicators:
Blank = Test not taken
S = Score
O = Other (e.g., illness during testing, testing irregularity)
A = Absent

Special Notes:

Covid 19 calculations below this point as specified by TEA via COVID-19 FAQ: Assessment (released 03/31/2020)

The PEIMS Summer 2019-2020 File must be loaded and contain the following interchanges/complex types:

  • InterchangeEducationOrgCalendar 10200-ReportingPeriodExtension
  • InterchangeStudentEnrollment 40110-StudentSectionAssociation
  • InterchangeStudentTranscriptExtension 43415-CourseTranscriptExtension
  • CW = Covid Waived Earned through Course Credit (Covid19 Related – 2019-20 would be the only year that Earned through Course Credit can be applied)
  • IGC Review (E1563) = Individual Graduation Committee Review = Reviewed and reported in submission 3 – Summer

PEIMS Associated Records used to determine CC status

  • CW code only applicable for the 2019-2020 school year based on the summer course completion records
  • E0948 Course Sequence = 0, 2, 5, 9, D0, D2, D5, D9 and taken during 2nd semester based on course class end date (E1070-Student End Date) falling in reporting periods 4, 5 and 6 calendar dates (E0934-Reporting Period, E1568-Reporting Period Begin Date, E1569-Reporting Period End Date)
  • E0724 Service IDs:
    • A1= 03100500, 03100507
    • A2 = 03100600
    • E1 = 03200600, 03200607, 03220100, 03220107
    • E2 = 03200700, 03200707, 03220200, 03220207
    • E3 = 03220300
    • BI = 03010200, 03010207, A3010200, I3010201, I3010202
    • US = 03340100, 03340107, A3340100
Updated on 04/04/2023

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