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Summary of Finance Student Data – Summary of Finance Reports Overview

Reports are designed for CFO/Business Manager access in Finance.

*Note  Finance user will need Finance Administrator, Student Aggregate Total , Finance Reports and Accountability permissions to access ALL reports available.

  • Student Profile Detail permission is not required to generate these reports as a Finance user.
    • With Student Profile Detail permission – user is able to drill down into individual student records when drill down is available.
    • Without Student Profile Detail permission – user will see total student counts, ADA, etc.  However there will be no hyperlink to drill into the data.

The Summary of Finance reporting is to aid in data entry on the Summary of Finance templates as provided by:

TEA – State Funding – District/Charter Planning Tools – State Aid Template 2022-2025


State Summary of Finance Template Region 13 – Omar Garcia (BOK Financial Securities)

Initial reporting in ODS was based upon  2019 HB3 legislative funding changes and the reports were rolled out as Student – HB3Funding reports.   As HB1525 and other legislation has impacted School Finance funding and new reports have been developed, the complete set of SOF related reports is located in Finance – Summary of Finance (SOF) Reports as of January 2023.

CCMR Outcome Bonus reporting was initially released early 2023 in ODS and has been enhanced with the ability to upload and compare the ODS Estimate reporting with the TEA Final Reporting. Details on this reporting discussed in the CCMR Outcome Bonus section of this training.

Comptroller Property Reports was released February , 2022 and provides Comptroller property valuation data for longitudinal review. ODS added the addition of the Preliminary data the Comptroller publishes in March of 2023.

Student Funding Detail Reports include the original HB3 Funding reports released in 2019-2020 with the addition of HB1525 updates for Gifted/Talented funding, CTE, etc.

Summary of Finance Summary contains the consolidated SOF summary reporting of Student Data aggregates for all the various detailed reports (ADA, FTES, counts, Comp Ed, etc… ) used as inputs on the SOF template for funding projections/tracking.

Updated on 12/01/2023

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