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Edit Users

To “Edit” the users access, select the “Edit User” tab at the end of the user’s row that is to be edited.

The following screen, with the user’s name is displayed.

The left side can be updated to reflect:

  • Name changes
  • User Name change
  • Changes in email addresses (there is NOT a test to validate this entry)
  • Access to District or Campuses
  • Social Security Numbers for both student and staff (Default unchecked-access denied).
  • Teacher Only- is access for a classroom teacher. This access will be dependent on the teachers “Classroom Link” information, which will connect the SSN of the teacher to the classes taught by the “teacher of record”, and the students who are in this class.

NOTE: Passwords can also be changed here. Passwords are NOT saved in the system, and if lost or forgotten by the user must be reset.

  • Minimum of 6 characters
  • Case Sensitive
  • Any combination of letters, numbers and special characters

The right side can be updated to reflect:

  • Access List
    • Changes to Access for admin tasks, tabs, reports, and profiles
  • Campus Access
    • Can add or remove campuses by single click if “Campus Specific” chosen under Access Level
  • Job Title and Areas of Interest
    • Can add or remove according to communication desires for user roles
  • Restricted Areas
    • Can allow or deny access to Staff DOB and Payroll information (defaults to ‘Denied’)

Click “Update User” button once all changes have been made.

Updated on 10/11/2021

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