User Access Logs

This tab displays analytical data on the usage of the system.

  • User Statistics – Default 1 month view
    • View bar graph demonstrating daily number of users accessing system
    • View longitudinal line graph demonstrating page views over time
      • Hover over graph area to see daily Users and Page Views
      • Use 3 line horizontal button on far right side to print or download graphs
    • Use Zoom buttons to view 3 months, 6 months, YTD, 1y, or All
  • From and To dates are displayed showing time period displayed
  • Slider bar below adjusts to show selected time period
    • Use slider bar to manually select time range
  • Graphs readjust to slider bar date range
    • Update Table From Date Range
  • Updates user detailed list below graphs to selected date ranges
  • Click on Tools drop-down to Export to Excel
  • Use Search to find users or page title/URLs
  • Change number of display records to see more information in the detailed list
  • Administration Log Summary Viewer – Default Current date
    • Toggle to Log Summary On to view summary count of page views by user
    • Click on ‘Choose range date(s):‘ to display calendar
      • From date is first date clicked
      • To date is next date clicked
      • Click ‘Apply‘ button to apply from-to date to user list
      • Note: To view a single day, click on the date twice and Apply
    • Click on Tools drop-down to Export to Excel
Updated on 01/10/2023

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