CCMR EWS Graduation Codes

When you are looking at the CCMR Early Warning Report in Accountability, the Graduation Column may display any of the following codes:

“R” = Returned (Students who have a grad code, and then the FOLLOWING year, the student is still being reported in either the Fall PEIMS Snapshot or Summer PEIMS Attendance. This is usually an error that needs to be corrected in the PEIMS file- clean up/roll over)

“0” = No Data Provided

Any of the following “Leaver” Reason Codes. NOTE: The graduation TYPE will not display.

Use the following codes for students who Graduated or received an out-of-state high school equivalency certificate.
01Graduated From A Campus In This District Or Charter School:  Student graduated from a campus in this district or charter school
85Graduated Outside Texas Before Entering A Texas Public School-Entered A Texas Public School-Left Again:  Student graduated outside Texas before entering a Texas public school, entered a Texas public school and left again
86High School Equivalency Certificate Outside Texas: Student received a high school equivalency certificate outside Texas, returned to school to work toward the completion of a high school diploma, and then left; or student earned high school equivalency certificate outside Texas after leaving Texas public schools
90Graduated From Another State Under Provisions Of The Interstate Compact On Educational Opportunity For Military Children:Per TEC 162.002, student lives in the household of an active-duty military serviceperson, transferred into Texas public schools at the beginning of or during his or her senior year, did not meet requirements to graduate from Texas public schools, did meet requirements to graduate from a school in the sending state, and, under provisions of the Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children, graduated from a school or district in the sending state.
Use the following codes for students who Moved to Other Educational Setting.
24College, Pursue Associate’s or Bachelor’s Degree:  Student withdrew from/left school to enter college and is working towards an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree
60Home Schooling:  Student withdrew from/left school for home schooling
66Removed-Child Protective Services:  Student was removed by Child Protective Services (CPS) and the district has not been informed of the student’s current status or enrollment
81Enroll In Texas Private School:  Student withdrew from/left school to enroll in a private school in Texas
82Enroll In School Outside Texas:  Student withdrew from/left school to enroll in a public or private school outside Texas
87Enroll In University High School Diploma Program:  Student withdrew/left school to enroll in the Texas Tech University ISD High School Diploma Program or University of Texas at Austin High School Diploma Program
Use the following codes for students who were Withdrawn by School District.
78Expelled, For Offense Under TEC 37.007, Cannot Return:  Student was expelled under the provisions of TEC 37.007 and cannot return to school
83Withdrawn By District Because Not Entitled To Enrollment:  Student was attending and was withdrawn from school by the district when the district discovered that the student was not entitled to enrollment in the district because a) the student was not a resident of the district, b) was not entitled under other provisions of TEC §25.001 or as a transfer student, or c) was not entitled to public school enrollment under TEC §38.001 or a corresponding rule of the Texas Department of State Health Services because the student was not immunized.
Use the following codes for students who left school for Other Reasons.
03Died:  Student died while enrolled in school or during the summer break after completing the prior school year
08Pregnancy: Student (female or male) withdrew from/left school because of pregnancy
16Return To Home Country Or Emigrate To Another Country:Student withdrew from/left school to return to family’s home country or emigrated to another country
20Medical Injury: Student has suffered a condition, injury, or illness that requires substantial medical care and leaves the student unable to attend school and assigned to a medical or residential treatment facility
88Court-Ordered To A High School Equivalency Program, Has Not Earned A Texas Certificate Of High School Equivalency (TxCHSE): Student was ordered by a court to attend a high school equivalency program and has not earned a TxCHSE
89Incarcerated In State Jail Or Federal Penitentiary As An Adult: Student is incarcerated in a state jail or federal penitentiary as an adult or as a person certified to stand trial as an adult
98Other:  Student was not enrolled within the school-start window for a reason not listed, student dropped out, or reason for leaving is unknown
Updated on 11/14/2023

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