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CCMR EWS System Update Log

As the CCMR Early Warning System evolves with annual state requirement changes and updates, we will periodically be pushing out updates to ensure that districts are reviewing the most accurately represented data possible. These updates are in direct relation to state required changes as stated in annual accountability manual releases as well as system tickets input by districts notifying us of areas that need to be addressed. 

It is important to remember that the CCMR EWS report is different than the district Domain 1 CCMR calculation as it is not bound to the restrictions of the manual. This allows for the review of students possible CCMR points outside of the grade 12/graduate restrictions.

All data in this report should reflect the correlation between the PEIMS data files to the manually updated college board, ACT, TSIA and IB files. 

This log is intended to provide our clients with a list of items that have been changed in the system in between scheduled system wide version updates. 

Update Log
September 19, 2023CCMR EWS report for year 2023-2024:
The system will now use the IBC PEIMS 2024 column in the calculation for the CCMR Met column.

Complete rewrite of SpEd Graduate with Adv Grad Plan now does the following:
Student has one attendance data element in any of the following:
Updated e0806
o RHSP Value = 19, 22, 25, 28, or 31;
o DAP Value = 20, 23, 26, 29, or 32;
o FHSP* Value = 34, 35, 54, 55, 56 or 57

*If an FHSP code is used, an Endorsement Element ID must also be entered:
o Value = 2
o Value = 2
o Value = 2
o Value = 2
o Value = 2
o Value = 2

Dual Credit Updated
PASS/FAIL-CREDIT-INDICATOR-CODE element E0949 added code 08
College Prep Courses
COURSE-SEQUENCE-CODE element E0948 added codes D0, D2, D5, or D9

August 07, 2023ODS CTE Code
Added Auto calculation using Interchange Student Transcript 43415 Course Transcript CourseTranscriptExtension Complex

Added PDM3-404-002 Career and Technical Education Student Roster
June 28, 2023IBC 2024 PEIMS
Udated to additionally take into account the Post Secondary Certification Licensure Result – E1733. If student only has IBCs recorded in 2022-2023 and beyond and ALL are either passed (code 02) or failed (code 03), IBC 2024 PEIMS will be N.
May 31, 2023CCMR EWS Industry Based Certification (IBC) Update for 2023 Accountability Reporting

This field calculation was updated in response to TEA emailed clarification response to how we calculated this value.

Added File/Field Location Used:
2022-2023 Interchange Student 40100 Student Basic Information StudentExtension Complex

Added Elements/Criteria/Notes Used:
2022-2023 E1733 Post Secondary Certification Licensure Result = 01 OR Prior to 2022-2023 E1640 Post Secondary Certification Licensure Code = values in C214 (Fall or Summer PEIMS)

Note: Only one criteria has to exist to get the credit.

Examples: *Student has two IBCs in 2022-2023, one with licensure result = 01, one with licensure result = 03, student gets credit *Student has one IBC in 2022-2023 with licensure result = 03 and one IBC in 2021-2022, student gets credit

NOTE: This update has not been applied to the IBC 2024 PEIMS column yet but will be updated soon and posted upon its completion
May 10, 2023Military PEIMS

Added back to Military column to CCMR EWS for use in calculation. Data is supplied from the CCMR EWS Supplement File not a PEIMS location

Supporting KB Article
December 1, 2022CCMR EWS Industry Based Certification (IBC) Update for 2022-2023 Accountability Reporting

Reflected in CCMR EWS IBC 2024 PEIMS column

Updated method of calculation will now require that a student is not only enrolled in an IBC course in their PEIMS record, but that the course has an associated/aligned program of study with a service ID level GREATER than 1. Only students that meet this criteria combination will achieve a 1 point value and be considered as a ‘Y’ in the CCMR Met column of your CCMR EWS report.

Supporting KB Article
Updated on 09/25/2023

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