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CCMR EWS System Update Log 22-23

As the CCMR Early Warning System evolves with annual state requirement changes and updates, we will periodically be pushing out updates to ensure that districts are reviewing the most accurately represented data possible. These updates are in direct relation to state required changes as stated in annual accountability manual releases as well as system tickets input by districts notifying us of areas that need to be addressed. 

It is important to remember that the CCMR EWS report is different than the district Domain 1 CCMR calculation as it is not bound to the restrictions of the manual. This allows for the review of students possible CCMR points outside of the grade 12/graduate restrictions.

All data in this report should reflect the correlation between the PEIMS data files to the manually updated college board, ACT, TSIA and IB files. 

This log is intended to provide our clients with a list of items that have been changed in the system in between scheduled system wide version updates. 

Update Log 2022-23
December 1, 2022CCMR EWS Industry Based Certification (IBC) Update for 2022-2023 Accountability Reporting

Updated method of calculation will now require that a student is not only enrolled in an IBC course in their PEIMS record, but that the course has an associated/aligned program of study with a service ID level GREATER than 1. Only students that meet this criteria combination will achieve a 1 point value and be considered as a ‘Y’ in the CCMR Met column of your CCMR EWS report.

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Updated on 11/23/2022

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