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Loading Other Exams – Common Assessment

Common Assessment – Accepted Data File Layout
This file is a Comma Separated Value format (.CSV)

  • This file is a CSV file provided from an exported common assessment reporting file
  • File cannot be compressed or zipped.
  • File name cannot contain spaces.
  • When naming files, only use letters, numbers, dashes or underscores.
  •  Uploaded assessments must have 3 or more questions

Common Assessment data fields accepted in OnDataSuite
Due to the fact that reports can be derived from various common assessment systems, and are not created to follow a specific output data file format in their creation, each user uploading common assessment data into the file center must create their import files to contain ONLY the following fields in the EXACT ORDER displayed in the attachment below with the correct field names:

OnDataSuite Common Assessment Crosswalk PDF

Common Assessment Template Download

Updated on 03/23/2023

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