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Data Reconciliation

NOTE: Data reconciliation requires that the user is setup in the administration tab to with the ‘Show SSN’ selected. If the user does not have this privilege activated, they will not have the ability to perform the actions that follow.

Need Reconciliation
Student records derived from outside entity files such as (SAT, ACT, TSIA, etc) may not contain student identification numbers. The matching process will occur during the file upload.  If student records can’t be matched due to a lack of a student id number, it will try to match on First Name, Last Name and Date of Birth.  If all three of these elements do not match a record in OnDataSuite, the student will be assigned a temporary ID and will be listed on the Data Reconciliation page.

  • OnDataSuite Matching Steps prior to student being moved to data reconciliation location 
    • Step 1: Match id number in assessment results file to SSN, TX Unique ID, or Local ID
    • Step 2: No match on step 1, check for exact match on all three elements: First Name, Last Name, and Date of Birth
    • Step 3: No match on step 2, the student is assigned ‘Temp Assigned SID’ and listed on the Data Reconciliation page

Using the Reconciliation Process
Please note to ensure the highest match rate when loading data make sure you have loaded up to date TSDS PEIMS files into your OnDataSuite database to ensure the TSDS PEIMS files contain the most accurate matching data.

Step 1. Begin by clicking on the aggregate total listed under the “Error Count” column. This represents the total number of students within the attempted list that did not find a match to your OnDataSuite/PEIMS file.

Step 2. You will now see the list of students that could not be matched back to your OnDataSuite/PEIMS file and they have been assigned a Temporary Assigned SID.  Click on the first Temp Assigned ID in the list to start the process of reconciliation of that uploaded file.

Step 3. You should now see a split screen. The top portion of the screen represents the data file item that you are trying to associate to your OnDataSuite/PEIMS files, but that could not find a match. You will see ‘X’ values placed inside of non-matching locations.

The bottom portion of the screen represents your searchable OnDataSuite search location. It will be blank until you either copy/paste over values from the top side to the bottom OR you type in values in the bottom and hit the search button.

Step 4. Start to search for the student listed in the top portion by clicking on the arrow buttons to copy/paste down to the searchable area OR type in your search in the bottom.

Step 5. Now that you have searchable items populated in the bottom half, click on the search button to see if you can find a match.

Search Tip: It is recommended that you copy combinations of the student identifying information for your search prior to copying all items. For example, you might start your search for just  Brendan rather than trying the entire Brendan Larsen with a DOB 07/24/2007.  You would do this because maybe the last and DOB were incorrectly input in the file but this will ensure that you can see all Brendans in your PEIMS file. 

If you are able to find a match in the returned list, you may click on the related Update Data Reconciliation “Copy Data” up arrow and the data from your search will ‘copy up’  to replace the incorrect student data in your outside entity file and then proceed to reconcile the file

Step 6. Below are the options for the reconciliation of records

  1. Return to the student list with the following action: Reconcile Record – This will reconcile the one student and then take you back to the list in step 2
  2. Proceed to the next student in record with the following action:
    Reconcile Record – Reconciles current student and takes you to next student in list without having to go back to step 2 and select another student.
    Hide Record – Use this action when you want to hide a record from data reconciliation but may want to reconcile in the future.
    Do Nothing – Use this when no match is found. This makes no changes to the student record and will still appear as a record that needs to be reconciled.
    Ignore Record – No match was found. Student is extraneous data from a file or will never exist within district data.

Updated on 11/16/2023

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