Emergent Bilingual Summer – Individual Student Profile

Student Profile

  • Student Information>Overview
    • Displays Emergent Bilingual status for the most recent PEIMS data load submission. Leaf icon indicates Fall; Sun icon indicates Summer.
    • Note: Bilingual and ESL codes are only reported in the Fall PEIMS submission.
  • Summer PEIMS>Summer Enrollment
    • Displays Emergent Bilingual status across multiple years
  • Summer PEIMS>Attendance
    • Displays Bilingual/ESL days present and funding code (in person and remote) historically across years
  • Assessment>TELPAS
    • View TELPAS test results across all years loaded
  • Accountability>Results Driven Accountability (RDA)
    • View BE/ESL/EL RDA indicators this student is incuded in and negatively impacting – based off of the most current Assessment files and PEIMS files loaded.
Updated on 08/28/2023

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