Emergent Bilingual – Student Tab Detail List

Locate  “Student” on the blue menu bar to view Emergent Bilingual/Bil/ESL information including querying and reports.

Column Options

  • Add Emergent Bilingual data via Column Options to any Student Detail Listing
  • Use “Add New Column” and select appropriate information
  • Click “Add” and elements selected will appear at end of query
  • Click “Submit Changes” and the student detail list will run again with the additions
  • To change the way a report/list is displayed, use the options provided for each row of data.
    • Change “Title” by typing in the free form box.
    • To select a different “Year”, use drop down options.
    • Data Set is informational to describe the type of data being pulled.
    • Record is informational to describe which area the data is being pulled from.
    • To change the “Display Type” of the data in the column, use the drop down options.
    • Use the “Hidden” check box for any area that should not display on the report.
    • Use “Grouping” to allow the system to ungroup by the selected area.
    • To Remove a column of data, click the trash can.
    • Use double arrows under ”Controls”  to move a row up or down.
  • Click “Submit Changes”to display changes in the report.
  • Use Tools drop down options:
    • Export to Excel
    • Bookmark your favorite reports and enable sharing

Focus List

  • Create a Focus List of a student detail report to use in other reports and ad hoc querying
Updated on 05/24/2023

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