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Fall PEIMS Comp Ed Funding – Pregnancy Related Services FTE Reporting

Per the SCE Guidelines and Funding Requirements:

For each full-time equivalent student who is in a remedial and support program under Section 29.081 because the student is pregnant, a district is entitled to an annual allotment equal to the basic allotment multiplied by 2.41.

This data is calculated based upon Summer PEIMS Attendance reporting and will not populate for the current year until a preliminary Summer PEIMS file is loaded.

ODS has two reports that may be used to identify the Pregnancy Related Services FTE for the Summary of Finance (SOF) template.

  1. Pregnancy Related Services FTE Report

Report Location: Student > Student Custom Reports > FTE Reports > Pregnancy Related Service FTE Report

  • Filters:
    • Year – This is a Multi-year select filter and you can compare year to year by six weeks. (See example below)
    • Campus
    • Grades ( *Note – this filter is not available on the HB3 Student FTE report below)
    • Instructional Tracks
    • Focus List

2, HB3 Student FTE – Spec Ed, CTE, PRS Post 2021

Report Location: Finance – Finance Custom Reports > Summary of Finance (SOF) Reports > Student Funding Detail Reports > HB3 Student FTE – Spec Ed, CTE, PRS Post 2021

This report provides Student FTE data for HB3 and changes by HB1525 (21-22) program funding related to Special Education, Career and Technical Education , Career and Technical Incentive Allotment and Pregnancy Related Services on a single report. Use this report to assist with the Summary of Finance(SOF) template funding projections.

Requires Summer PEIMS file to populate. Defaults to most current Summer PEIMS year loaded. Start early tracking by six weeks this reporting.

  • Special Education – by Instructional Setting by Six weeks and Refined Total
  • Career and Technical Education – By Funding Tiers (1, 2 or 3) by Six Weeks and Refined Total
  • Career and Technology Incentive reporting – $50 per FTE/student allotments on 3 student groups:
    • Students enrolled in a P-Tech Campus (Fall PEIMS Snapshot count)
    • Student enrolled in a New Tech Campus (Fall PEIMS Snapshot count)
  • Pregnancy Related Services. – by Instructional Tracks by Six Weeks and Refined Total

Updated on 10/08/2023

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