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All financial information is derived from the state-released PEIMS Financial Standard Reports and Financial Actual Reported data files.


Initial selection options:

  • Finance Data – Budget
  • Finance Data – Actual

 Select Criteria Option:

Total Revenue
Total Revenue
Local Tax
Other Local and Intermediate
Total Receipts
Total Receipts
Total Revenue
Equity Transfers
Total Other Resources

Total Expenditures
By Objects
All Expense Object Codes
Other Operating Services
Debt Service
Capital Outlay

By Function (Objects 6100-6400 only)
Community Services (61)
Total Operating Expenditures
Instruction (11,95)
Instructional Res Media (12)
Curriculum/Staff Develop (13)
Instructional Leadership (21)
School Leadership (23)
Guidance Counseling Svcs (31)
Social Work Services (32)
Health Services (33)
Transportation (34)
Food (35)
Extracurricular (36)
General Administration (41,92)
Plant Maint/Operation (51)
Security/Monitoring (52)
Data Processing Services (53)

Total Disbursements
Total Expenditures
Equity Transfers
Total Other Uses
Intergovernmental Charge

Program Expenditures
Operating Expenditures – Program
Gifted and Talented
Career and Technical
Students with Disabilities
Accelerated Education
Nondisc Alt Ed-AEP Basic Serv
Disc Alt Ed-DAEP Basic Serv
Disc Alt Ed-DAEP Supplemental
T1 A Schoolwide-St Comp>=40%
High School Allotment
Athletics/Related Activities

Updated on 12/14/2022

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