OnPar -TAPR Tab


Initial Selection
Assessment, PEIMS, and Accountability items viewed on this tab are derived from the state-released TAPR data files and follow the same hierarchical logic as the PDF reports. For example, items listed under the initial selection of Performance would not contain any attendance or staff demographic data.

Select from the following Report Builder options:

  • Performance
  • Performance (BE/ESL)
  • Participation
  • Attendance & Postsecondary Readiness
  • Profile – Student Demographics
  • Profile – Staff Demographics
  • Profile – Program Information

After the initial selection from the report builder, select from the available sub-reporting areas.

NOTE: These values also follow the same layout as the TAPR report.

Adding Peer List to your selection
If you wish to add a peer group(s) to your report, select from the Peers drop-down selector.

NOTE: (If you have not yet created a Peer list please review the Peer Lists In the OnPar selection of this training .)

Graph Control allows the user to specify the data to be displayed on the graph, as multiple years and student groups may be options.

  • Select the “year” to include on the graph
  • Select the “Column” to be included on the graph.

OTHER Features include:

  • Graph can be downloaded
  • Data can be downloaded
  • Graph and data can be printed
  • Graph can be removed
  • Report can be saved
  • Toggle Names to remove the district name and only display county district number.
Updated on 12/14/2022

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