Superintendent Name Display Override

The names of the superintendent and principals displayed on the fall and summer dashboards in the Administration section are pulled from your PEIMS data. Specifically the Fall PEIMS submission 30090 staff records based on the role ID (027-Superintendent; 020-Principal).

If you start the school year with new people in these positions, the names will not update until a new set of Fall PEIMS files have been loaded with the correct names.

However, there is also a way for administrators to override the Superintendent (no Principal override) from what has been submitted in the Fall PEIMS data.

Superintendent Override

This tab allows you to override the fall and/or summer superintendent name by year on the Dashboards from what was reported in fall PEIMS in the case of a superintendent change.

Type in new name in the appropriate Fall and/or Summer Override and click ‘Save’.

Appropriate Dashboards (Fall and/or Summer Dashboard) will be updated with the name in the Override column.

Updated on 04/06/2023

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