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OnSync setup for Accuplacer/TSIA2

OnSync – Accuplacer / TSIA2

  1. Log into OnDataSuite.
  2. Navigate to “File Center”
  3. Choose “OnSync” in the file center menu.
  4. Scroll down to the OnSync for Accuplacer/TSIA2 section and enter your information in the open box fields as shown below.
  5. You must enter an ACCUPLACER account information which may be different than your College Board account. Please make sure the account you provide above can login here https://www.accuplacer.org
  6. The system will automatically create the correct data file layout OnPoint requires as a custom report in ACCUPLACER. This custom report will listed under your ACCUPLACER, Custom Reports, Saved Query location and will be titled ‘OnSync Auto Generated’. DO NOT RENAME THIS CUSTOM REPORT OR ATTEMPT TO ALTER IT IN ANY WAY!! (Example Custom Report Example Image Below)
  7. Our server will check nightly for new files that have been added by Accuplacer.
  8. Important Note:
    Your Accuplacer/TSIA2 account MUST be at the district administrative level. It cannot be campus specific/only access

Example of OnDataSuite generated custom report in Accuplacer report center.

Updated on 06/02/2022

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