STAAR 3-8 Student Test History

This report will pull all current year enrolled students in grades 3-8 and display any historical assessment met (Y) or not met (N) for all subjects tested within the grade year.

Filter options will include by:
Grade (uses rec_110 and rec_110_summer data)
Focus List
Special Populations (uses rec_110 and rec_110_summer data)
Campus (uses rec_110 and rec_110_summer data)
Subject Failed

This report looks across all students testing history including SIRS/SDR files for the highest value possible.

If a student failed in a subject the displayed result will be ‘N’
If a student passed in a subject the display result will be ‘Y’
If a student tested twice in a subject and the first time did not meet an ‘N’ will be displayed, but if they test later and pass, they the system will display a ‘Y’
If the student did not test in a subject for a particular grade year the display will be ‘blank’

The filter by grade is related to the current year PEIMS reported grade level.
Example: John is currently in 5th grade and has not tested in 5th grade reading, so if filtered by 5th grade, John will show up on the list but his 5th grade score column will be blank until results are submitted.

When filtering by subject failed, it will look across all tests for ANY failed within that selected subject
Example: John is in 5th grade and has passed his 5th grade reading but will show up because he failed his 4th grade reading score.

The All Students filter is tied to the current year PEIMS code and not tied to the value coded in the assessment file
Example: John is coded as SPED in the current year ( rec_110 and rec_110_summer data) but was not ever coded in any assessment file as SPED. The returned list will return John as SPED. This has to be tied to the PEIMS because a student may or may not be coded as SPED in historical files.

Updated on 03/10/2023

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