STAAR 3-8 Summary Report

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STAAR Summary Report
This report provides district and campus level summary reports derived from uploaded assessment files in a similar layout to the released state of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness Summary Report.

Required filter selections: As each filter is selected (left to right), the next filter will populate according to the prior filters selected.

  • Subject (STAAR Test subject)
  • Years (Test Years from files loaded) for respective test subject)
  • Grades (applicable to test subject and year selected)
  • Administration (based upon the Administration Month from the STAAR 3-8 upload)

The remaining filters are optional and again will populate with applicable data as filters are selected left to right:

  • Campus (optional): (Defaults to All – District level)
  • Teacher of Record(optional): (Defaults to All) – *Note that the Teacher of Record filter information is pulled from Class Roster Winter Enrollment collection for the specified Subject, Year, Grade, etc. selected.
  • Language (Defaults to English)
  • Test Version (Defaults to STAAR)
  • Accommodated (Defaults to All Students)
Updated on 06/14/2024

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