Summer PEIMS Submission Review – Summer Dashboard

    SUMMER DASHBOARD – Available at District and/or Campus levels.

      Cumulative Information – Any student who had at least 1 day of attendance in an area listed will be included in the disaggregated count of students in various groupings. (Example- A student attended 1 day in a CTE course at any time during year, will be in the CTE Attendance count.)

      Click on blue hyperlinked values to display the list of students. (Access to view student details required.)

      • Days Membership – Total number of student days in membership, present, and/or absent in disaggregated areas.
      • Membership total – compare to prior year using year drop down, top right corner
      • Membership by Special Populations- affect additional funding sources.
      • Days Absent – look for low student performance and lost funding issues.
      • Ineligible Days Present – look for lost funding

      NOTE:  Any student enrolled, but not in membership will not be included.

      Summer Dashboard – Reference KB for additional features

      Printer Friendly Dashboard

      Updated on 04/18/2024

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