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T-TESS Teacher Appraisal File Review

Report Location: Staff > Staff Custom Reports > Teacher Incentive Allotment (TIA) Reports > T-TESS Teacher Appraisal File Review

This report provides an audit review of the T-TESS Teacher Appraisal file as loaded in the File Center. (Reference Loading T-TESS Teacher Appraisals for details on the File upload specifications)

  • Highlighted columns are required data elements in the file upload. specifications.
  • The last four columns are calculated as the file is loaded to provide Domain 1 – 4 average scores.

User Permissions to access Teacher Appraisal scores is restricted by default. Any user needing to access the scoring dimensions and domains in this report must have your local ODS Administrator grant Restricted Access to Teacher Appraisals (see example below). If this permission is not granted, the related elements will be masked (XXX) to the user on the report.

Updated on 10/16/2023

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