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TEA CTE to ODS CTE Code Comparison

Recently, TEA added the CTE auto calculated reports to TSDS:

  • PDM3-404-002 Career and Technical Education Student Roster
  • PDM3-404-003 Student Counts by Career and Technical Indicator Code and Grade

To compare the TEA CTE Code to our OnDataSuite CTE calculated code:

  • 2. Go to Bookmarks>LEA Cloud Sharing and Search: ODS
  • 3. Click on the 2021-2022 ODS Calculated CTE Code Compared to TEA CTE Code title to see a detailed student list that includes whether or not the student is continuously enrolled, the ODS auto calculated CTE Code, and the TEA CTE Codes from current and prior year (if loaded to the File Center).

Valid Reasons Codes May Not Match:

  • Student Continuously Enrolled = N
    • Students could have taken some of their CTE courses in another district. Unless you load these transfer CTE courses to OnDataSuite (https://kb.ondatasuite.com/knowledge-base/cte-transfer-courses/), we would have the potential to calculate a CTE code lower than the TEA CTE code due to TEA having statewide access to the CTE courses for a particular student.
  • Program of Study Not Offered at District
    • TEA calculates CTE codes for any program of study whereas ODS does it only for the programs of study listed in the 10010 record reported in the fall PEIMS submission. This could cause the TEA CTE code to be calculated higher than the ODS CTE code (i.e.: TEA Code = 6, ODS CTE Code = E, 5 or 4)
Updated on 07/01/2022

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