Training Certification Progress

Location: Hamburger menu>Administrator>Logs

This administrator area allows you to review end user progress of viewing Webinar training videos found under Support>Training>Webinars>Past Webinars.  It also allows for certificates to be viewed or printed if desired.

Note: End users will not receive a certificate for trainings that are viewed live but will receive an email upon completion of the training if they participated.

It includes:

  • Last and First name of the user
  • Username
  • Title of the training hyperlinked to the actual video
  • Length of the webinar
  • Status –  Completed or percentage of video viewed
  • Date Started
  • Date Completed
  • Download Certificate displays a certificate with the user’s name, the title of the Webinar training, date completed, and the length of the webinar
    • Only displays once Webinar is in ‘Completed’ status
    • End user can also download their certificate
    • Certificate can be viewed or printed
      • Not in PDF format since it is stored in the system for easy retrieval

Individual or multiple columns can be sorted using the up/down arrows.

Search can be utilized for all columns.

Change the ‘Show’ entries to view more rows on the screen.

Updated on 06/12/2023

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