STAAR 3-8 Achievement vs. Growth Matrix

Achievement Vs. Growth

The STAAR 3-8 Achievement Vs. Growth Report requires that the user enter the following initial criteria prior to the report being run. All query criteria entered is generated from the uploaded STAAR 3-8 Data File.

Subject (Test Subject)
Version (Test Version)
Admin Month
Teacher (Class Roster Winter Enrollment collection must be uploaded into File Center)
Special Population (Optional defaults to no selection)

Achievement Vs. STAAR Growth Matrix

The Achievement vs. STAAR Growth Matrix report displays a matrix of Student Performance Level by STAAR Growth. Students are listed in the matrix depending on where how they performed on the assessment.

Students scale score will be provided in parenthesis and a ‘+’ value may be provided as well to display how many more scale score points the student needed to achieve the next growth level.

Note; In Order for the system to calculate the points needed for the student to move to the next level the user must run the report for a specific grade level. There must also be data present for each of the following fields, subjectyearscale score and language. If any of these fields are blank in the data file the system cannot calculate the needed points.

Updated on 03/10/2023

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