TSDS Business Rules Notifications

Location: Administrator>Site Settings

This screen controls TSDS Business Rules email notifications only.

The LEA must decide whether or not to use the TSDS Business Rules Notification Center or the TSDS Business Rules Role Access screen. Disabling one enables the other. Please see TSDS Business Rules Role Access for further information about that process.

The TSDS Business Rules Notifications screen allows you to set up district or campus level users to receive an email when a new TSDS file is loaded through the Edits process. Changes here are applied to all File Center TSDS loads.
     Note: If a file does not load correctly (highlighted red in the File Center), an email will not be sent.

When the user logs into their OnDataSuite system, they will only be able to see the Business Rules they have access to (Student, Staff, and/or Finance) and the campus(es) they have access for.

  • Email Notification
    • Click the the ‘Off’ toggle (default) to ‘On’ (green) for users who should receive an email when a TSDS file is submitted through the edits process.
    • Tip: Change the ‘Display 10 users per page’ drop-down to a higher number to see more users on the screen
    • To turn off email notifications, click to toggle back to the ‘Off’ position.
  • Campuses
    • District Level User
      • will automatically choose ‘All Campuses’
        • Note: includes non-instructional campuses due to finance business rules
      • use drop-down box to select/deselect specific campuses
    • Campus Level User
      • will automatically choose all campuses with access
      • use drop-down box to select/deselect specific campuses
  • Program Area
    • Default is “All Program Areas”, so if you have no options selected, notifications will be sent for all applicable business rules.
    • When any of the program areas are selected alone or in combination, the user will only receive an email for the campuses allowed if the edits trigger the applicable business rule.
    • Click on the ‘Program Areas List’ button, in the blue header section, right-hand side, to see the list of all business rules by complex type that will trigger the email if the corresponding program area is selected.
    • Note: This section is only used for sending email notifications; it is not applicable to viewing edits. All TSDS rules can be viewed on the screen regardless of the rule #.

Pause All Notifications

  • To override all business rules notifications regardless of Email Notification status, use the Pause All Notifications toggle switch.
    • “On” pauses all notifications and displays a message.
    • “Off” indicates that the Email Notification column controls notifications.

Upload Batch File

  • Another option for setting up business rules notifications is uploading a batch file
  • Click on Upload Batch File
  • Follow the instructions on the Upload File tab
    • Note: Uploading a file deletes all previous settings, so file must contain entire list of users.
  • After uploading, the History tab can be used to view the file and date uploaded.  Clicking on the Info link will give further information including who and what was updated and if there were any errors.
  • Be sure to refresh the screen after Close to see all batch changes reflected.
Updated on 04/21/2023

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