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CCMR IBC Companion Report

Report Location: Accountability>State: Accountability Report Center>CCMR – College, Career & Military Ready

Summary: This report will display students who are on the 2022-2023 CCMR EWS report and have an Industry Based Certification (IBC) any year along with information pertaining to the anticipated 2023-2024 Accountability reporting requirements:

2024 GraduatesIBC (old and new lists) plus 1 course in aligned program of study¹
1 One course that is level two or higher.

Usage: Use this report to aid with determining why the CCMR IBC 2024 indicator was awarded or not on the CCMR EWS report. For 2022-2023, this report should be run for underclassmen since seniors are still accountable under the same rules as 2021-2022 (just have to have an IBC recorded in PEIMS).

Special Note:

  • To get the most accurate data, course competion records for 2022-2023 should be loaded in the PEIMS summer file.
  • Only course completion records back to 2019-2020 are included.
  • If a student has an N in the Continuously Enrolled column, and the CTE transfer courses have not been loaded in OnDataSuite, there is a possibility that the student should be getting CCMR IBC credit. Please see CCMR EWS Industry Based Certification (IBC) Update for 2022-2023 Accountability Reporting for further information.
  • Count at bottom of report is not student count since students can have multiple lines of data depending on how many IBCs they have and how many CTE Service IDs align to those IBCs.
    • To see a list of one row per student:
      • Go to Column Options at the top of the report
      • Under the Grouping column, remove the check mark on the IBC, Crosswalk Aligned Program of Study, and Student Aligned CTE Service ID rows
      • Click green Submit Changes button at top right-hand side
      • To return to multiple rows for students, repeat process, this time checking the 3 rows under Grouping that were removed

Data Sources: 

  • PEIMS Fall Submission
    • Interchange Student
      • 40100 – Student Extension Complex Type
  • PEIMS Summer Submission
    • Interchange Student
      • 40100 – Student Extension Complex Type
    • Interchange Student Transcript
      • 43415 – Course Transcript Extension Complex Type


  • Continuously Enrolled – from the CCMR EWS report
  • CCMR EWS IBC 2024 – global indicator of whether or not a student will receive the IBC 2024 credit on the 2022-2023 CCMR EWS report
    • If at least one Aligned CTE Service ID Level 2 or higher
      • Y – green, student will receive IBC 2024 credit
    • If all Aligned CTE Service ID Levels are Level 1 or blank
      • N – red, student potentially will not receive IBC 2024 credit
  • IBC – Post Secondary Certification Licensure Code E1640
  • Crosswalk Aligned Program of Study – Uses the IBC to match to program of study on the IBC to Program of Study Crosswalk
  • Student Aligned CTE Service ID – Uses the program of study on the CTE Look-Up Tables – POS Service ID Level Credit tab to match to the allowable CTE service IDs and then displays any of these service IDs – E0724 found in the student’s PEIMS course completion records
  • Program of Study Level
    • Level 2 or higher is shaded green
    • Level 1 or Blank is shaded red
      • Note: Not all rows shaded red are N for the CCMR IBC 2024 column. If the student has at least one CTE Service ID at level 2 or higher, then CCMR IBC 2024 will equal Y.


  • Filter on:
    • Single select Year (Currently only works for 2022-2023)
    • Multi select Grade (Default All Grades)
    • Multi select Campus (Default All Campuses)
    • CCMR EWS IBC 2024 (Default All)
      • CCMR EWS IBC 2024 Y – only show students who are getting the CCMR EWS IBC 2024 credit
      • CCMR EWS IBC 2024 N – only show students who are not getting the CCMR EWS IBC 2024 credit
Updated on 01/19/2023

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