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CTE Data Review – Background Information on CTE Auto Calculation, Program of Study and Career Clusters

Program of Study – align education to the diverse needs of Texas’ economy to increase opportunities for students and improve data collection and reporting CTE concentrators / completers for districts.

The proposed programs of study went into effect for the 2020-2021 school year and will allow Texas to meet the federal program approval requirements within the Strengthening CTE for the 21st Century Act (Perkins V).

  • Perkins V describes a program of study as a coordinated, non duplicative sequence of academic and technical content at secondary and post secondary
  • Aligns with needs in state
  • Progresses in specificity, beginning with all aspects of industry and leading to more occupation specific instruction
  • Culminates in the attainment of a recognized post secondary credential
  • Statewide programs of study contain course sequences that lead to endorsements

Programs of Study Implementation Considerations

  • Course sequences within each program of study will be used for federal reporting of CTE concentrators CTE completers.
  • TEA transitioned to an auto calculation of the CTE indicator at that time in order to identify these students based on the student’s course completion data submitted by an LEA in the PEIMS Summer and Extended Year Submissions.
    • New federal definition for a CTE concentrator, as outlined in Perkins V, is the completion of two courses (for two or more credits) within a program of study.
    • Proposed definition for a CTE completer to be the completion of three or more courses for four or more credits including one level 3 or level 4 course.
  • Perkins funds can be used to support statewide or approved regional programs of study.
  • Current CTE courses not included in the updated programs of study will remain available for districts to offer and can be supported with State CTE funds.

Code Table C142 – Career and Technical Education Indicator Code

Examples of Programs of Study

Programs of Study are embedded into State Career Clusters that are decided and maintained by TEA all based on a course Service ID.  The information is reported as a Technical Document within TWEDS.

Here is a list of the State Career Clusters:

The POS Service ID Level Credit table is a tab within the Technical Document maintained by TEA.  By Service ID, it identifies the Program of Study along with the Program of Study Level, Course Credit, State Career Cluster and Federal Career Cluster.  All of this together, reported to TEA by LEAs, allows the state of Texas to meet the federal requirements of Perkins V.

The last piece is to identify the CTE Funding Tier and Funding Weight for the CTE allotments that were part of HB3.  TEA also provides that information and it is utilized to calculate CTE FTE And Contact Hours for your CTE Students.

Updated on 02/26/2024

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