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Fall PEIMS – Finance/Staff Data Review

Report Location: Staff and Finance

Staff Custom Reports > Staff Miscellaneous Reports > Fall PEIMS Finance/Staff Data Review

Finance Custom Reports > Finance Miscellaneous Reports > Fall PEIMS Finance/Staff Data Review

Summary: This report displays certain data from Fall PEIMS Budget and Fall PEIMS Staff submission across multiple years.

Usage: Audit Fall PEIMS data by reviewing prior year(s) reporting. Inconsistencies or measurable variances should be investigated.

Data Sources: PEIMS Fall records

  • SSAOrgAssociationExtenstion (10011)
  • BudgetExtension (20030)
  • StaffEducationOrgEmploymentExtension (30050)
  • ContractedInstructionalStaffFTEExtension (30055)
  • StaffPayrollExtension (30060)
  • StaffResponsibilityExtension (30090)


  • Choose multiple years to compare
  • Campus filter – default is all campuses
  • Material change – Year to year results exceeding the percent entered will be highlighted in the report. Default 5%


  • District PEIMS Coordinator is pulled from AskTed. If the name is incorrect, please contact your AskTED administrator to have the PEIMS Coordinator data updated in AskTED.


Special Notes:

  • The TSDS report number and title is displayed to use for comparison purposes.

For additional report references in OnDataSuite on respective sections, reference the following reports:


  • Tools:
    • Export to Excel (native Excel data format – no additional report formatting)
    • Export to PDF (with formatting as on report)
    • Bookmark
Updated on 11/28/2023

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