File Center Basics

What is the OnDataSuite file center?

The file center serves as the ‘brain’ of the OnDataSuite, OnPoint data warehouse. It provides a centralized location where all your district data can be uploaded and shared throughout your organization. Because the file center relies on officially released data files such as TEA Teal released data, PEIMS, College Board, ACT, Pearson and ETS and does not allow for any outside insertion of data (meaning data created by just anyone and uploaded), the probability of creating reports from unofficial sources is less likely to result in reports derived from “bad data”

Where is the file center located?
The File Center link is located at the top of your OnDataSuite logged in page in the black menu bar.

What does the data do once it has been uploaded?

Provides a path to data exploration
Individual files loaded into the file center become part of your digital data archive. Every data point loaded into your file center can then be used to generate reports and drill down to specific data held within the date file. Once a file has been uploaded you can use several locations from within OnDataSuite to create reports multiyear longitudinal reports or you can use several available OnDataSuite custom reports from within specific file types.

Associates different data tables
Files loaded into the file center will automatically associate to other uploaded files in your file center through unique identifying data within each file. This process creates the opportunity to create reports based on the cross tabulation of multiple data elements.

Historical data reference
Multiyear files that have been uploaded into the file center can be used to create and review historical longitudinal reports from within each file type.

Updated on 01/10/2023

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