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SAT List Report

The SAT list report provides a list view of all uploaded SAT information. The report is searchable by

Assessment Date (positions 659-668)
As defined by college board data layout
We report assessment dates by year, month, and day (YYYY-MM-DD). Every set of scores reported includes the student’s assessment date and grade level when assessed.

Report Date (positions 2582-2591)
As defined by college board data layout
This field indicates the date a student’s score record was generated into the file. The date of report, like all other date fields, is in the YYYY-MM-DD format. It can be used to determine the most recent information when multiple records
are created for the same student.

Grade ( Positions 669-670)
As defined by college board data layout
Grade level when assessed is a student self-reported field.

Education level when taking the SAT. Code values:
1 = Not yet in 8th grade
2 = 8th grade
4 = 9th grade
5 = 10th grade
6 = 11th grade
7 = 12th grade
8 = No longer in high school
10 = No response
11 = Unknown
12 = 1st year of college
13 = 2nd year of college

To view the latest College Board Data File Layout visit this link. ( Posted as of 07/24/2019)


Updated on 11/04/2021

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