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STAAR 3-8 Combined Summary Report (English and Spanish) 

Report Location: Assessment > STAAR Grades 3-8 > STAAR 3-8 By Subject > STAAR 3-8 Combined Summary Report (English and Spanish)

This report provides district and campus level summary reports derived from uploaded assessment files in a similar layout to the released state of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness Combined Summary Report which includes English, Spanish, and Total breakdowns.

Required filter selections: As each filter is selected (left to right), the next filter will populate according to the prior filters selected.

  • Subject (STAAR Test subject)
  • Year (Test Years from files loaded) for respective test subject)
  • Grade (applicable to test subject and year selected)
  • Administration (based upon the Administration Month from the STAAR 3-8 upload)

The remaining filters are optional and again will populate with applicable data as filters are selected left to right:

  • Campus (optional): (Defaults to All – District level)
  • Teacher of Record (optional): (Defaults to All) – *Note that the Teacher of Record filter information is pulled from Class Roster Winter Enrollment collection for the specified Subject, Year, Grade, etc. selected. If this filter is selected, the results for the specific teacher will be below the summary reports. You get two sections of the report – Totals for the selections, then a section below for the specific teacher student’s results.
  • Test Version (Defaults to STAAR)
  • Accommodated (Defaults to All Students)

The results include all 4 levels of achievement including Did Not Meet Grade Level, Approaches Grade Level, Meets Grade Level, Masters Grade Level for STAAR, STAAR SPANISH and a TOTAL.

Data is reported broken out by various demographics and program participation by row.

Updated on 06/14/2024

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