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STAAR ALT 3-8 Frequency Distribution Report

The STAAR ALT 3-8 Frequency Distribution Report requires that the user enter the following initial criteria prior to the report being run. All query criteria entered is generated from the uploaded STAAR ALT 3-8 Data File.

Subject (Test Subject)
Version (Select STAAR A for Alt Only)
Admin Month
Language (Defaults to English)
Test Admin Mode (Paper/Online)
Ethnicity (Defaults to All)
Special Population (Optional / Defaults to No Selection)

This report provides a graphical representation of your results by scale score and includes watermark indicators that show the approaches, meets and masters levels within the displayed scale score values. Additionally, each bar charted graph can be clicked on to take the user to the student list view or the graphically represented scale score aggregate.

Updated on 10/11/2021

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