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Loading TEAL – CCMR Verifier

TEAL CCMR Verifer- Accepted Data File Layout
As of 2020, this file is an Excel format (.XLS) or (.XLSX)

CCMR EWS allows you to compare your TEA released CCMR Verifier Files for past year graduates to your OnDataSuite CCMR EWS report. These files can be uploaded into OnDataSuite from the File center TEAL category in OnDataSuite.

These files are used to compare results from your CCMR EWS report located in the accountability section of OnDataSuite.

CCMR Verifier (Past year Graduates)

To compare your TEAL CCMR Verifier file against the CCMR EWS report you will need to change the year to the previous year. This will allow the report to align your last year’s CCMR EWS students to the CCMR Verifier file.

Once you have uploaded your verifier file for the current year, you will be able to run your CCMR EWS report for the prior year and compare your Verifier file data

Reminder to get to this dropdown click on show/hide filters.

For example, choosing 2019-2020 will compare 2019-2020 Students to the Verifier file that was loaded in 2020-2021. The students in the Verifier file for 2020- 2021 are the students on your CCMR EWS report in the year 2019-2020. To access these options use the Show/Hide Filters button located at the top of the report.

Updated on 04/29/2022

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