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The Assessment tab is the entry point in OnPoint to view all assessment files uploaded into the file center.  All reporting sections that have at least one year’s worth of data will appear as white links when the Assessment tab  is clicked.  If a reporting section appears as a grey link you will need to enter the file center to upload at least one file to activate the link.  For more information about the file center click here.

Assessment Window Section Items

Every section listed under the assessment tab is structured into the same three separate sections. Each section provides the user with a different ability to view and query their uploaded data and all layouts for all sections found under the assessment tab function the same way.

Assessment Layout Section 1: Focus List

The initial option available is the Focus List drop down selector.  Using this option provides a filtered report center search of focus list students only as opposed to an all found set search.
If you select this option prior to creating an ad-hoc report in your report center it will filter and limit the results of any report to only the students grouped within your focus list. For more information about
creating and using a focus list please see the focus list section of the manual click here.

Assessment Layout Section 2: Report Center

The report centers of each assessment section allow the user to query specific table items from within the data table uploaded into the file center and are dependent on the file structure uploaded.  Additionally, the number of available historical files is dependent on the number of prior year files uploaded into the system.

Reports created using the report center provide aggregate overview data reports that can be drilled down to the student level from their aggregate totals.

Creating a Report from the Report Center

Report Center Step 1 – Initial Selection 

The process of creating a report from within the report center follows a sequential order. The initial step requires that you make a selection from an available table. Upon making this first selection, you will see a ‘calendar years’ selector appear in the middle of the screen. The number of available years will depend on what you have uploaded into the system. If you do not make a year selection using the check box field, your returned selection will default to all years available.

Report Center Step 2 – Criteria Selection

The second step requires that you select a field from the initial selected table using the  ‘Add Criteria’ drop down selector under the Calendar Years.  After selecting your criteria, you should see an option to select filtered returned values based on that field’s contents.  To see your filtering options click on the blue filter icon link.

The available filtered options are dependent upon the contents of that field and will return every available code found within that field and will have a description of each code.  The system will also include a ‘!’ Null or Missing code option if there are fields that do not find any values.

Multiple criteria selections can be made and arranged in the report to provide detailed query results.

To rearrange criteria, use the double arrow button to drag and drop

To delete criteria, click on the trash can icon

Report Center Step 3 – Creating/Viewing your report

The last step in creating a report using the report center is to click the ‘Create Report’ button on the right-hand side of the screen.  Upon clicking this button, the system will create your aggregate report.

Report Center Step 4 – Modifying your report

After you have seen your generated report it is common to want to update or change your initial search criteria selections.   The process to update / change any report is to simply click the browser back button. This will take you to the report center screen where you should now see the option to make changes to report selection by clicking the ‘Load Last Report’ button. Click on this button and it will reload your previously selected search criteria and you can continue to refine your query.

Assessment Layout Section 3: Custom Reports

Sections under each assessment category selected will have a Custom Report section. When selected, custom reports return calculated report values in a predetermined layout and do not require that the user create a query. Several reports allow the user to filter their results and all aggregate results can be drilled down to the student dashboard level.

Custom Reports – Report Information

For more information about a custom report users may click on the ‘Tools’ button at the top of the report and select ‘Report Info’ to read more about the report and its creation.

Updated on 01/09/2023

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