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Student Report Center

The Student Report Center area allows for ad hoc reporting on PEIMS and other TEA categories’ data elements.

The categories are divided into General, Fall PEIMS, Summer PEIMS, Extended Year PEIMS, Accountability, Class Roster, ECDS, Residential Facilities, and SPPI-14 reporting and often contain elements in other categories for cross-referencing.

The reports are built using criteria fields for the y-axis (vertical) and years of data loaded in the file center for the x-axis (horizontal) with aggregate totals for each criteria selected (summary level).  The totals also allow drill-down to the detailed student lists.

For information about the categories see the Data Source Information section.

To create an ad-hoc report (navigate left to right):

  1. Select a Category, left-hand side
  2. Select appropriate Years in middle
  3. Add Report Criteria in middle under Years using the drop down box(es)
    1. to change an existing criteria, click “Change” and reselect using drop down box
    2. to remove an existing criteria, click drop down box and choose “Add Report Criteria” at top of list
  4. Select “Filter” to choose specific codes (not filtering selects all codes)
    • Use Display drop-down box to view more codes at one time on the screen
    • Individually click on each code’s box
    • Use Select All/None to auto check all fields or deselect all fields
    • Use search to find specific codes for selection
  5. Click “Create Report”, right-hand side to run results

Example Ad Hoc Report

  • Click on aggregate totals (including grand totals) to drill down to detailed student list view

Use Load Last Report to display previously created report and make updates

Updated on 10/12/2021

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