User Access Roles

This screen allows you to build an access template based on user roles that can be applied on the Add User page.

To Add a Role

  • Click + Add Role and choose a Role Name
  • Click Create
  • Choose the appropriate Access Levels, Access List items, Campuses, and Restricted Areas items and click Save.
    • Note: If creating a Campus Specific role, you can leave the Campuses section with no campuses and assign the appropriate campus once you go to the Add User screen.
  • At this point, you can go to the Add User screen to assign the role created.

Note: If a user is assigned multiple roles, the highest level of access will be authorized.  For example, if they are given a role of campus level user and another role of district level user, the district level user will be utilized.

To Change a Role

  • Simply select the Role that needs to be modified, make the appropriate changes to the Access Level, and click Save.

To Delete a Role

  • Select the Role and click Delete
  • Click Yes to delete or No to cancel

Updated on 09/26/2023

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