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STAAR 3-8 & 3-8 ALT

STAAR 3-8 & STAAR 3-8 ALT- Accepted Data File Layout
This file is typically a text file (.TXT)
Historical files may be a data file (.DAT)

ATTENTION: May 2021 – Note about On-Demand Files
For the 2021 calendar year ETS provided districts with On-Demand files. These files are formatted as Comma Separated Value (.CSV). We have updated the 2021 parser to accept the CSV file but it is our understanding that this will be the only year that it is released in the CSV format. When loading this file DO NOT change the file name and DO NOT open the file prior to attempting to upload the file into the file center.

  • Currently, this file is a fixed length TXT file provided by Cambium. Prior year files came from ETS or Pearson and were also formatted as TXT.
  • File cannot be compressed or zipped.
  • File name cannot contain spaces.
  • When naming files, only use letters, numbers, dashes or underscores.
  • Note: If you have a STAAR bridge file, upload it here.
    • STAAR bridge files contain transitional data between TAKS and STAAR.

For detailed data file format information provided by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) please visit their data file format website location here: https://tea.texas.gov/student-assessment/testing/student-assessment-overview/data-file-formats

Best Practice:

  • Rename the downloaded file to include the Administration Month-Administration Year-Grade Ranges for easy identification

Original                            Renamed

1405231715.dat                Spring2015_3-8.dat

Updated on 11/24/2021

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