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Accuplacer Highest Score Analysis

Summary: This report pulls students for a particular year based on their PEIMS records and displays the highest Accuplacer scores for math, reading, writing, and writer placer based on all Accuplacer administrations.
Note: Same report exists under the Accountability>State: Accountability Report Center>CCMR – College, Career, Military Ready folder and the Assessment>Accuplacer>Accuplacer Custom Reports

Usage: Use this report to review Accuplacer highest scores to evaluate retesting or other circumstances.

Data Source(s):

  • Fall and Summer PEIMS records
    • Interchange Student
      • 40100 – StudentExtension Complex Type
    • Interchange Student Enrollment
      • 40110 – StudentSchoolAssociationExtension Complex Type
    • Interchange Student Attendance
      • 42400 – BasicReportingPeriodAttendanceExtension Complex Type
  • Accuplacer records
    • Note: Be sure all results have been loaded in the File Center>TSIA>Accuplacer area.


  • The Year filter selects the group of students based on PEIMS fall and summer reporting. If a student is in either of these submissions, they will be included.
  • Most recent PEIMS record for the year (summer first, then fall if no summer)
    • SID
    • TX Unique ID
    • Local ID
    • Last Name
    • First Name
    • Grade Level
    • Campus
  • Accuplacer records for all administrations
    • Highest Math Score
    • Highest Reading Score
    • Highest Writing Score
    • Highest Writing Placer
      • Note: Scores can come from different test dates
    • If Test Dates Slider on (blue), corresponding subjects’ Test Dates appear for the highest scores


  • Filter on:
    • Year (Default most recent PEIMS year loaded)
    • Grade (Default All Grades)
    • Campus (Default All Campuses with Accuplacer results)
  • Test Dates Slider
    • Grey-Off (Default)
    • Blue-On
  • Focus List to pull specific groups of students
Updated on 11/03/2021

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